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“Hidden Wounds” Event at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, with John Kerry & Max Cleland

by Pamela Leavey

Last Friday John Kerry and Max Cleland attended a forum (see my earlier post) at at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to premier a documentary from NECN — “Hidden Wounds,” about veterans returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Harvard University Institute of Politics has a video of the event online, including the movie “Hidden Wounds” – watch it here.

There’s more info here on John Kerry’s Push to Help Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Note: After watching the video of the event and the movie, on a personal note, I want to add how very moving the event and movie were. It’s worth taking the time to watch, my friends.

3 Responses to ““Hidden Wounds” Event at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, with John Kerry & Max Cleland”

  1. OK I know everyone here knows I was a Marine. how about a lil more info now? How about me going to the Marines, 3 days after the burial of a murdered brother that was missing for 14 months.

    Want to hear how the military treats people like me? That’s right, They took me right on in. So Michelle Malkin, You might wanna listen, I got your number! Ann Coulter, Go to hell, You don’t know jack. You bitches are really getting me worked up!

    So lets take a vote: do you wanna know the truth?

    Do you wanna see me spill the beans?

    I think you do. Just say so!

  2. I just finished watching the event. I hope our Kerry supporters here will all take the time to watch. Very moving, very proud of JK, Max and Del Sandusky… Glimpses of THK included!

  3. Hell, I might do it anyway. Might make for a good post! Wanna know what happens to us when we get out the military? We scare our family when we come home! WE have dreams!