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Free Starbucks Coffee Tomorrow

by RonChusid

Starbucks will host a National Coffee Break on March 15 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. providing a complimentary 12- ounce cup of coffee in more than 7,500 stores.

Personally I’ll save the gas and have a better tasting cup at home made in my Tassimo coffee maker, but for those who are around Starbucks tomorrow it could be a good deal. Hopefully the lines won’t be too long.

3 Responses to “Free Starbucks Coffee Tomorrow”

  1. Is this an advertisement?

  2. Rod in CO

    More like a public service announcement! 😉

    It’s always good to break up the political bleakness with something light now and then including note about free coffee.

  3. It sure had one of my employees (who is adicted to Starbucks) happy to hear the news.