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John Kerry and Max Cleland Attend Premier and Discussion of NECN’s Documentary “Hidden Wounds”

by Pamela Leavey

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

John Kerry was out and about in Boston today doing one of the things he does best, showing support for our Veterans (see my previous post). Tonight, Kerry and Max Cleland were among the attendees for a premier of NECN‘s made for TV documentary “Hidden Wounds” at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The event included a viewing of the film and a discussion of the documentary about “three local veterans who return from Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder, and their struggles to overcome the affliction.”

Kerry, “a Vietnam veteran who has spent his career championing veterans’ issues“, was there to introduce the film and speak immediately following the screening, “along with Vietnam veteran and former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, Vietnam veteran and Kerry Swift boat mate Del Sandusky, Major General George W. Keefe, Adjutant General of Massachusetts, Major General Kenneth R. Clark, Adjutant General of New Hampshire, and Timothy Beebe, Veterans Administration Northeast Director, Readjustment Counseling Services.”

There’s more on “Hidden Wounds” here, including air times on NECN.

UPDATE: From the Boston Globe – “Film brings ‘hidden wounds’ of Iraq war into public view

5 Responses to “John Kerry and Max Cleland Attend Premier and Discussion of NECN’s Documentary “Hidden Wounds””

  1. I am putting on Handel’s “Messiah” The “Hallelujah” Chorus. (One of my favorite choral works despite my lack of faith in the words).

    PTSD, as I have ranted and repeated many times, is the worst and most under calculated casualty of war. We need more money for research, outreach and treatment. This is a great step in increasing awareness. We had a tragedy here in CO with a 20 year old, son of a Viet Nam Vet. He came back, married his high school sweatheart and within a few months “died of a self inflicted gunshot wound”.

    My daughter came over today and we talked about what we might do besides dinner. She asked if I had seen the movie “Murderball”. I hadn’t and she explained what it was about. For anyone else who missed it, murderball was the original term for a game played by paraplegics in wheelchairs on a basketball court. The name was changed to wheelchair rugby to attract sponsors.
    The movie is about the team that went to the Athens Paralympics in 2004. Each became a paraplegic for different reasons and with different levels of disability. All had responded by going into the sport to be able to succeed physically in competition.

    At the end of the movie, having taken the bronze in a game America had dominated until 2000; they are on a bus looking serious as they move down the highway. Turns out it is 6 months after the Paralympics and they were going to an Army hospital to talk with Iraq vets who had returned with various levels of injury. They introduced them to the sport, the wheel chairs and the idea that the wheelchair or prosthesis does not have to dominate who you are.

    It was a great ending to the movie. For me, however, it simply reinforced that some vets come back with a hidden wound that is harder to overcome than learning to live in a wheelchair. It dominates much of who they are and are not for the rest of their lives. The ones that come back with the wheelchair AND the hidden wound are the real heroes of any war.

  2. Bush’s answer to “Hidden Wounds.” You don’t have to fix Robots when they come home. Bush is just so predictable.

  3. I love Max Cleland. Max was my long-shot hope for veep.

    Thanks for this.

  4. I am still very PO’d about the smearvet campaign. They just don’t understand that Kerry was trying to end an unjust war and bring them home. And for that, he gets stabbed in the back….by those he was trying to save.
    Since I work around a lot of vets, this drum gets beaten a lot. I know some minds have been changed.
    The campaign needs someone with the stature of Max Cleland to bring this out in the open.
    If Kerry was really trying to further his political nest, he would have kept his mouth shut. Instead he tried to save the lives of other vets. He did what he always does…take the lead.
    Unless you are the lead dog, the scenery never changes…

  5. What Bob said.