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McCain Sucks Up to Dubya

by RonChusid

McCain Loves Bush

MSNBC reports on John McCain’s latest act to suck up to Bush.

It sure would be funny if after all this, they still don’t let him have the nomination

22 Responses to “McCain Sucks Up to Dubya”

  1. Awh..isn’t that cute…
    Hey..where is McCain’s right hand…
    Is Bush’s smirk bigger…
    McCain is wearing a blue shirt…
    Didn’t Monica wear a blue dress.
    Is McCain wearing lip-stick?
    Where is Laura?
    Look cloesly…McCain’s belt is undone…

  2. Ha ha ha! Gosh it’s great to have you back Michiganbob!

    Maybe we can title this Brokeback Politicians! I can hear McCain uttering now – “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

  3. Pam…
    It is great to hook up with you folks again.
    I missed you all.
    I wondered where everyone went after LUTD.

    Can I have my old name back?
    I lost my password and my email has changed…

  4. Battlebob/Michiganbob,

    Check your email. You should be able to restore your old ID.

  5. Bob

    I just changed your password for “battlebob” and emailed you! Hopefully Ron and I didn’t crossover on this.

  6. Thanks…
    I’ll be home in a couple of hours to check..

  7. Battlebob,

    If you aren’t home, check your email on line with a site such as:


  8. MB,

    Great observations, however I feel compelled to warn you about a caller to Sam Cedar covering the Randi Rhodes show today. Sam had been talking about Bill O’Reilly and what sounded like an actual picture, whether real or photoshopped I’m not sure. BO was portrayed as speaking on his cell phone from “one orifice” while using a “vibrator” at “another orifice”. Cedar got what seemed like a true kool aid drinking, tin foil hat wearing wingnut who identified himself as a member of either the Fox News or Bill O’Reilly defense millitia (can’t remember the official name). He was calling to tell Cedar to step away from the mic, that under a specific line of the Patriot act, he was arresting him, that Cedar was to get into a taxi and come to the building where this dude was still on the job (security I gathered) and tried to read Sam his rights.

    I think Sam and everyone listening were trying to figure out if the guy was calling from the lobby of the Newsweek building where he really is a security guard, or from the a local psych facility, It could have been either way.

    The next section of the show was with a California woman and her lawyer. She had been on a job for about three weeks and had just had a good initial review when her boss wallked out to the parking lot with her and saw the bumber sticker for Al Franken/Air America. The boss asked her if that wasn’t “Left wing radio” and the employee answered, well yes. The boss then commented that the country was on high alert for terrorism. After several more comments that essentially came to “If you have a bumper sticker like that, you may be part of al Qaeda or helping them and it would be my civic responsibility to do something” Ending with “You’re fired”

    This confirmed the possibilty that one of the reasons I was recently fired is my far worse than one Al Franken bumper sticker collection.

    The two situations just help me believe that as they get progressively and obviously more unstable psychologically, the rest of us will get our sanity back.

  9. I feel better being me again…

    I have to hit and run at work as I work for a military defense company full of ultra-right wingnuts. There are a few Kerry and anti-bush stickers in the parking lot. The conversation over the cube walls is totally pro-Bush. I stay out of it as the rule is no religious or political discussion in the office.
    Dems are really weak here as there is not even a candidate for the US House this year. Vern Ehlers is the rep and he is the new DeLay.
    This is the home town of Pres Ford and has been Repub for 30 plus years.

  10. Battlebob is back!

  11. Powell, Condi(can’t stand the b) and McCain:
    Three Repugs who might have had credibility if they hadn’t sold their souls and honor to the devil on earth!

  12. OC Democrat

    Welcome to the Dem Daily. Have to agree with you on this.

  13. Hello All,

    Others in this post have wondered if the picture above is the real deal or photoshopped. It most likely is the real thing. There were many times throughout the ’04 campaign where McCain was out trying to be the good soldier and working the crowds for shrub. I remember a McCain/Shrub event over here at Ft. Lewis. McCain was all over shrub. I thought the 2 were out on a date!

    Lots of pictures of the event – just like what you see here. Hmmm… Come to think of it, lots of campaign material.

  14. Now if this picture is shown enough maybe dems will stop saying McCain is an acceptable repug.

    The hero worship of McCain in the dem party has to stop as he is no more a maverick than a cobra is a lamb.

    McCain is a neo con and he would be as bad as bush on civil rights, womens rights and god help us if he is in charge of America’s foreign policy.

    I had to laugh at the broke-back comparrison. Can you imagine the faces on the western ranglers if somebody mentioned to them how they look like they were posing for brokeback mountain poster. 🙂

  15. Oh my this only gets worse:

    McCain sees Bush suffering hard times

    The Arizona senator talks to Chris Matthews in an exclusive interview

    “He’s having trouble right now. We Republicans all know that. That’s when he needs us to stand by him. He doesn’t need us when his numbers are 65. He needs us now,” McCain said in an exclusive interview with Hardball after addressing the Southern Republican Leadership Conference Friday evening in Memphis. “That’s my only message,” McCain said.

    Pass the barf bag please!

  16. You just snuggle right up to shrub, okay McCain? Say “Cheese”! Oh yeah, and give him a big kiss while you’re at it.


  17. well some of the rethugs in the house were smart enough not to go down the with ship on the ports issue. When the rats are running you know the ship is sinking.

    Let McCain sink with him. McCain thinks because he is the straight shooter that he is imune to bush’s slime and if he kisses bush butt long enough the bushwackers will back him in 08.

    May he go down with bush in all dubya’s criminal glory.

  18. aiiiiiiieeeee! not this photo! not this photo! LOL

    this photo is priceless and, unfortunately for Mr. McCain, the first thing that pops into mind when I hear/read/see his name now.

  19. Hey..Does George have a salami in his pocket? Or is he REALLY glad to see John?

  20. Looks to me like John’s the one who’s more excited.

  21. KJ is back!


    Did you have trouble signing in as BB again?

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