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John Kerry on Demise of Dubai Ports Deal

by Pamela Leavey

As reported here earlier, Dubai Ports World has announced they will “transfer fully the U.S. operation of P&O Operations North America to a United States entity.”

Below is a statement from Senator John Kerry on that announcement:

“Today the plug was mercifully pulled on the ownership of U.S. port operations by Dubai Ports World. It’s been a case study in the Administration’s incompetence and inattention to the fundamental issue of port security. The question is, will anything change now? The Bush Administration needs to come to terms with the reality that four-and-a-half years after September 11th the government still can’t get past go on port security.

“Dubai deal or no Dubai deal, it’s clear that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the Administration’s failure on port security. A new report from the Department of Homeland Security shows that Target does a better job monitoring their stores than our government does monitoring our ports. Their failure to put together a basic program after all the warnings must be a wake-up call to finally get it right on homeland security.”

7 Responses to “John Kerry on Demise of Dubai Ports Deal”

  1. So frustrating to hear some Republicans talking about their plans to improve the ports (on CNN & elsewhere)….KERRY TALKED ABOUT THIS SO VERY LONG AGO AS HAS BEEN STATED AT DEM DAILY SO WELL…

    Only with the 2006 elections on their minds do the Republican Congress decide to listen to the needs of the American people. We can’t let them get away with this! No more last minute maneuvers, flip flops, and stealing Democrat ideas…

    Bush goes down & THEY ALL GO DOWN AS WELL.

    We can do this in ’06!

  2. You got that right DAS. We are gonna have a reason to celebrate after Nov.

  3. DAS

    We MUST do this in ’06. Absolutely MUST!

  4. I agree Kerry has been talking about ports for a long time and there are enough paper trails showing Rethugs gutted port security money from various budgets over the years and this has to keep being stressed.

    I figured something would come up and the so called hype show down between bush and his rethugs would be averted. Poppy bush must have burned up the lines on this one.

    Now the dems can push for port security to be a major part of national security.

    Hopefully somebody up on the hill will finally give the coast guard the money it deserves.

    Dems have to be sure the dems on the hill don’t drop port security like they did wiretapping.

  5. Hi Pen,

    Whats going on with you? WooHoo, gonna get real fun down here in Katrinaland. I feel some live blogging going on when it happens, if I’m not at work.

  6. Nothing new with me Donnie.

    The blog has been lively tonight.

    Best of luck to you in Katrinaland.

  7. We have our days Pen. Things are going back to normal now. We have a lot of traffic now. All the new people from New Orleans here, have made for a fun time on the road. LOL I love ’em though. This Area is a Dem leaning area, so it’s so much the better to have our new friends here. A new Dem stronghold is not a bad thing is it?