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The Republican’s Broken Contact

by RonChusid

Right Wing News questions the ability of Democrats to come up with an equivalent of the Republican “Contract with America.” They get a bit of help by quoting a poorly written Adam Nagourney article which does a terrible job of discussing Democratic beliefs. Right Wing News describes what it sees as the problem for the Democrats:

For a “Contract with America” to be worth anything politically, it has to feature at least a few very popular ideas that most people on the other side of the aisle won’t get behind. That’s because obviously, if your ideas aren’t popular they won’t help get you elected and if the other side has the same position, it gives the voters no motive to get behind you.

They apparently have not see the polls which showed that, if not for the ability of Republicans to successfully distort the positions of Democrats, most Americans agreed with Democratic positions over those of Republicans at the time of the 2000 election. Most Americans supported fiscal responsibility, improving homeland security, making health care more affordable (even if it meant repealing the Bush tax cuts), and keeping abortion legal.

More and more Americans are finally getting wise as to what we are really getting from Republican one-party rule. Republicans can no longer effectively campaign for votes because, if they were honest, here is what they’d have to campaign on:

A foreign policy based upon strengthening enemies such as al Qaeda and Iran, while ignoring homeland security.

Economic polices based upon greater deficits, and use of the powers of government to transfer wealth to the ultra-wealthy.

Healthcare polices designed to enrich the pharmaceutical and insurance industries while leaving less money for actual care of patients.

Responding to the danger of social security becoming insolvent with a plan which accelerates when this would occur.

Instead of keeping promises to reduce corruption, Republicans gave us the K-Street Project and Jack Abramoff (and few are buying the claims that this is a bipartisan scandal).

Despite their rhetoric in support of small government, Republicans have consistently supported increased government intrusion in individual’s lives. They have worked to break down the checks and balances devised by the framers of the Constitution to limit the powers of government and maintain our liberties.

Compared to what the Republicans have offered, Democrats will have an easy time in providing a preferable alternative this fall.

2 Responses to “The Republican’s Broken Contact”

  1. I am a Liberal Democrat. I will NEVER say I’m sorry for being one.

  2. Cheers Troy! Me too!