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Rumors of Kerry/McCain Ticket Started In McCain Camp

by RonChusid

I’ve always suspected that the rumors of McCain running as John Kerry’s running mate began with McCain. He had also claimed in the past that he had been Bush’s choice but turned him down as he was not interested. Writing at The Huffington Post, James Broyce also believes that the stories about McCain running with Kerry started in the McCain camp:

Through a remarkable orchestration of behind-the-scenes politicking, John McCain’s advisors thrust him in the middle of the John Kerry Vice Presidential selection process – the McCain as VP rumors started not in the Kerry camp but in the McCain camp.

By elevating his status among Independents and Democrats, John McCain dramatically increased his appeal and political power. In fact, McCain currently outpolls some potential Democratic 2008 candidates among DEMOCRATS.

The possibility of McCain running as John Kerry’s Vice President forced Rove to deal with McCain. Because with the pending launch of the Swift Boat veterans teed up, Rove simply couldn’t let Kerry pick McCain. Two veterans, running together, unifying the country in a time of war would have been virtually unbeatable.

But would McCain have really switched and joined Kerry? The White House couldn’t afford to wait to find out. Was a true deal struck?.

6 Responses to “Rumors of Kerry/McCain Ticket Started In McCain Camp”

  1. McCain is going to replace Cheney after the midterms. I think that probability was raised during the campaign or before because of the real possibility that Cheney’s health might force him to leave. I don’t know if it ever was speculated on publicly, I just think it was the carrot that got Mc Cain to support Bush as much as he has. And do Bush and the GOP need someone who even appeals to some Democrats. Colin Powell II.

    Remember that one of Mc Cain’s top aides quit during the ’04 race because of his disgust with Bush and the campaign?
    Probably figured better to get out long before he had to start interacting more with the WH staff.

  2. Ginny,

    That is the speculation.

    I figure we are dealing with two stories here–whether McCain invented the Kerry VP offer and what the long term plan is. At the moment I’m more interested in the Kerry aspect as the rest is speculative and we will have to wait and see what happens.

    I’ve been trying to dig up my old link (which I believe I have blogged about in the past) about McCain’s claim on a talk show that he was really Bush’s first choice as VP, but haven’t found it yet. Running a Google search on McCain and the VP spot brings up far too many hits. Anyone else out there happen to have a link?

  3. Found a source, which I’ll post on the main blog page.

  4. Well this is just great. John “Keating 5” McCain puts out the word that Kerry asked him to be VP and now it wasn’t true.

    McCain puts himself in the middle of one of the most important things a candidate does when running for president which is picking a veep.

    He then kisses the bush/rove ring of death by standing with them and making it looked like Kerry was desperate and mccain rejected Kerry when in fact he was never asked.
    The media contantly stayed on this and mccain got a lot of mileage out of it towards 08 at the expense of Kerry and the dems.

    I admit I never understood and was always pissed as to why kerry would ask mccain to be his veep and always thought that was a big mistake on kerry’s part but it seems now Kerry didn’t make the mistake.

    Now what are dems going to do about it?
    Are they still going to slobber over mccain and treat him like royalty when he is as loathsome as bush and chenney?

    How is Kerry going to respond? I hope he stops claiming mccain as a friend because with friends like that he sure as hell don’t need any enemies.

    I’m sure the media will gloss over this like they do with Mccain’s involvement with the Keating 5.

    But if the blogsphere keeps up the pressure maybe the media or at least somebody in mccain camp will have to respond.

    If nothing else this are to show dems that mccain is no moderate and he is nothing more than a lying, arrogant, smug prick.

    Obama was nice to mccain after their dust up but I wish kerry would take him down a peg or 2 for this.

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