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Troops Deceived About Reasons For War

by RonChusid

Having a captive audience makes must make it easier to sell claims which have been totally refuted as nonsense. A new Zogby Poll shows that many are risking their lives based upon lies:

The wide-ranging poll also shows that 58% of those serving in country say the U.S. mission in Iraq is clear in their minds, while 42% said it is either somewhat or very unclear to them, that they have no understanding of it at all, or are unsure. While 85% said the U.S. mission is mainly “to retaliate for Saddam’s role in the 9-11 attacks,” 77% said they also believe the main or a major reason for the war was “to stop Saddam from protecting al Qaeda in Iraq.”

“Ninety-three percent said that removing weapons of mass destruction is not a reason for U.S. troops being there,” said Pollster John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International. “Instead, that initial rationale went by the wayside and, in the minds of 68% of the troops, the real mission became to remove Saddam Hussein.” Just 24% said that “establishing a democracy that can be a model for the Arab World” was the main or a major reason for the war. Only small percentages see the mission there as securing oil supplies (11%) or to provide long-term bases for US troops in the region (6%).

At least they don’t buy the WMD story. It would be interesting to know what their main sources of disinformation are. Is this what they are actually being told, or is it a case of better access to right wing sources? Regardless of why they think they are there, most want out. “An overwhelming majority of 72% of American troops serving in Iraq think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year, and nearly one in four say the troops should leave immediately.”

John Zogby also discusses these findings at The Huffington Post.

2 Responses to “Troops Deceived About Reasons For War”

  1. “Almost 90% think war is retaliation for Saddam’s role in 9/11.” Shouldn’t Rumsfeld tell the troops that Saddam had no role whatsoever in 9/11? Shouldn’t someone in the White House press corps ask what the president thinks about the fact that so many of our troops believe Iraq was related to 9/11?

    It’s one thing for the majority of Americans not to know how we got involved in World War I. But Iraq?!

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