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Health Savings Accounts Will Increase Number Of Uninsured

by RonChusid

Not only will Health Savings Accounts worsen health care by reducing preventative care and routine care of chronic diseases, a new study shows the plans will also increase the number of Americans without insurance:

A new analysis by one of the nation’s leading health economists finds that the Administration’s proposals to expand tax breaks for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) would cause a net increase in the number of uninsured Americans.

The analysis, conducted by Jonathan Gruber of M.I.T., projects that while 3.8 million previously uninsured people would gain health coverage through HSAs as a result of the President’s proposals, 4.4 million people would become uninsured because their employers would respond to the new tax breaks by dropping coverage and they would not secure coverage on their own. The net effect would be to increase the number of uninsured Americans by 600,000.

3 Responses to “Health Savings Accounts Will Increase Number Of Uninsured”

  1. Ron,

    Sounds like GOP math and logic to me. It will be the fault of the employees who don’t replace their health insurance, not the employers getting their tax break. Besides,
    health insurance just encourages people to make unnecessary trips to the Doctor’s office (you see them a lot, right?) Americans need to practice more delayed gratification when it comes to medical attention.

    Did you have the same thoughts I did about the wonderful new numbers on Cancer survival rates?

    Wait ’til all the uninsured Americans who are not getting preventative health care start hitting the untreatable cancer stats.
    Could be a noticeable spike there.

    But the end will justify the means. There will be fewer elderly needing entitlement $ and medical care when Social Security is going broke and the younger generations won’t want to pay for all the Medicare taxes.

    STARVE the beast and you won’t have to drown it: they die of “natural causes” when starved.

    I’d better go take some Protonix and finish my charting.

  2. My wife works for the largest HMO in the Nation. And all the talk for the last year or so is abou HSA. From all the pow-wows she’s been in the Corporate types are so excited they can hardly stand it. Why? The botom line. The 600,000 number is a joke. There will be closer to another 2 million Nation wide without health care. HSA is worst idea ever for the working folk, and especially for the poor. Period no exceptions….

  3. What will happen to the estimated 2 million that will have no form of health cover?
    It will be a statistics nightmare as people die needlessly.