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Bush Promises to Ban Human-Animal Hybrids

by RonChusid

The biggest surprise to come out of the State of the Union was Bush’s pledge to ban human-animal hybrids.

Sure is a strange plan from a guy who is half man, half chimp.

Bush Chimp

Bush Chimp2

Following the Democratic rebuttal, some networks next covered the rebuttal from human-animal hybrids:


17 Responses to “Bush Promises to Ban Human-Animal Hybrids”

  1. Classic Bush…

    Classic Ron humor!

    LOL! Got the rebuttal statement coming up from the real deal now…

  2. ROFLMAO!!!

  3. LOL. You’re on a roll tonight Ron!

  4. Ron

    We’re a family blog!

  5. I guess having four picures of Bush in one post could be scary to small children.

  6. What do we call her? And where’s her shirt?

  7. She’s a centaur. Centaurs don’t wear clothes.

  8. More pictures of centaurs and other hybrids here.

  9. Kinda strange and kinda warped stuff there… I’ll just mosey along, you boys have fun.

  10. Strange, warped, and the kind of stuff Bush said he will ban.

    I wonder why the major newspapers aren’t running his pledge to ban human-animal hybrids as a headline.

  11. Ron

    Has anyone else said anything, do you think people didn’t catch it. I did. Are we in an alter universe – really trully?

  12. I got it Pamela, just kinda took my time getting here. LOL Always late you know. 😉

  13. Title should be half man half chump!
    Chimps are a hell of alot more intelligent than bush and look better to.

    I don’t watch his speeches its not good for the stomach. I did catch a few glimpses of the crowd passing through rooms while tv was on mute. Kerry and Feinstein were sitting together and I notice ol charlie rangel didnt’ stand up for bush when most other did at one point in the speech. 🙂

  14. Wow! The first time I have ever agreed with Bush, yes we do need to ban human-animal hybrids.

  15. Snotty Know-it-All Libruls mock Bush speech

    Last night, our President made the following call to action to our nation’s lawmakers:
    Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit the most egregious abuses of medical research: human cloning in all its forms, creating or implanting embry…

  16. That Bush, he just LOVES to waste legislative time banning myths that don’t exist so he can look like he’s doing something. First the imaginary procedure, the “Partial Birth Abortion”(woooo scary!)and now centaurs.

    Hey Bush, try attacking a real problem. Like poverty, or the lack of a health care system in this country.

  17. Vector

    It’s hard work wasting time and taxpayer money.