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Cindy Sheehan Arrested at SOTU

by Pamela Leavey

Breaking news… Cindy Sheehan has been arrested at the SOTU… more soon…

Cindy Sheehan, the vocal anti-war activist whose son was killed in the Iraq war, was arrested Tuesday night on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, shortly before President Bush was to deliver his State of the Union address, U.S. Capitol Police said.

A senior House official said Sheehan was seated in the House chamber when she unfolded an anti-war banner and was apprehended. This official said she was taken for questioning for about an hour in a separate area of the House.

“She was arrested within the Capitol complex,” a Capitol Hill officer told CNN.

Sheehan was to be a guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey, a California Democrat at the SOTU.

UPDATE: More here from the WaPo…

Sheehan, who was apparently given a gallery ticket by a member of Congress, began demonstrating about 45 minutes to an hour before the State of the Union speech.

She opened her jacket to reveal a T-shirt that, according to a supporter, gave the number of U.S. war dead and asked, “How many more?”

She was also boisterous, according to U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer, and after she ignored instructions to close her jacket and quiet down, she was escorted out and arrested. Demonstrating in the House gallery is prohibited.

And MSNBC reports:

The T-shirt bore the words “2,245 Dead — How Many More??” in reference to the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq, protesters told NBC News.

68 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan Arrested at SOTU”

  1. Donnie McDaniel Says:
    January 31st, 2006 at 6:58 pm

    WTF? Uh, is this something you were trying to have happen, I hope?

  2. Dave my buddy,

    I never got to go the the VA. I gave up on it for now. I did finally go to work after the storms. I went to work as a Security Guard. Finally put the military background to work. I work on a 7 and 7 schedule. That’s why you can see me on here, and then nothing for a week. I go back tomorrow. As you might have noticed, I am waiting to find out if I’m gonna be a father. I raised my two step daughters as my own, and now I might have done the deed for the first time. LOL imagine waiting till I’m 40 to do it. 😉

  3. New post up.

  4. What happened to the picture in the new post?

    I guess I’ll have to find another.

  5. Ron

    It’s got hotlink protection on it. Save it and then upload it.

  6. I’ve done that–actually I switched to a different picture.

  7. Donnie McDaniel Says:
    January 31st, 2006 at 7:14 pm

    I don’t think I even realized you were out of work after Katrina! Maybe I forgot? Talk about being clueless…

    I’m glad you’re working again! Must be terrible with all the businesses getting wiped out down there from the storms and ridiculously hard for folks trying to find new jobs to replace old ones lost(or if they were already out of work to begin with)! Esp with all the out of state cheap labor I’d read something about being brought in to do a lot of the reconstruction work. I’d be real PO’d. Esp if I worked in construction for a living down there.

    I was wondering why you were here a lot and then seemed to go MIA a few times. 7 on and 7 off would do that…

    A few years back one of my old HS buddies, who moved to TN years ago, was up for one of his yearly visits to see family. He always tries to get a few of the old HS gang who still live in the area together in town to catch a bite and have a few beers. A while back two of old gang, one a guy and one a woman in their early 40’s, had both just had their first children within the last year or two. I thought, more power to them! Damn I don’t know if I’d have the energy for that! My son was born when I was 28. I remember thinking I couldn’t imagine if I’d been 40! (Though I may have been a better father if I had been, actually…)

    BTW, don’t forget to get your knee checked out one of these days! Try to fit it in between trying to father more children. 😉
    Hmmm, is this the method you’ve been using with the young ladies down there to convert them to your newly adopted party? 😉

  8. Cindy Sheehan arrested in a free country for wearing a tee-shirt that honestly expresses her opinion. Shades of Nazi Germany. And I mean this!

  9. Bruce

    It sucks!

  10. Watching CNN Follow-up and they say the residence in New Orleans are SO UPSET! People are saying they can’t believe he left them as a footnote in his speech. Residents responded to the speech saying he did not even mention all the dead, homeless, etc. He only mentioned this major tragedy in a couple of sentences. Very inconsiderate as someone who should be the protector of the people, especially after he left them stranded.

    Gov. Kaines’ tesponse was very effective (though some debated that he represents the moderate side). I like the themes of “There is a better way”, “Results”, “Change is Needed” and the fact that he touched on REAL people and their needs. We definitely have the ability to tear down their one remaining strength which has been security. RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS.

    They can now be judged by their deeds which definitely have not met up to their words.

    I can’t believe his “spin” on the spying issue. Once again trying to get public opinion in his favor. He actually tried to give the impression that 9/11 happened because we did not tap enough phones of the terrorist! FEAR TACTIC AT WORK…Saying he will not let them get by us again so I have to listen to the phone conversations. Give Me A Break! We can’t let him slip another simplistic bumper sticker excuse on us to justify breaking the law. CNN showed Hilary’s face during this part of the speech and she definitely did not appreciate it.

  11. Dave,

    Just had a call, and found out it’s not gonna happen. I kinda hoped it would, to name it after our beloved president. And you know I’m not talking about Bush!! Oh well, gives me time to try again 😉 lol. Practice makes perfect! Woohoo, not gonna stop. I come from a big family, so I guess I only have few to offer since I have waited so long. So Ladies, don’t stand so close 😉 Katrinacrat and looking for the next big thing. Wink-Wink!

  12. The next time bush comes to NO they are to wait till he starts to get on his platform and talk then all walk away or not show up.

    The biggest disaster and a whole region of the country decimated physically, emotionally, and broke. Not suprise though and the media will spin it in a positive way for bush. Saw CSPAn’s quick interview with mary L and she said how disappointed she was that he didn’t devote more time to the gulf region. Well perhaps she should have thought about her pandering in the fillibuster episode because I certainly did when she said that.

    So hil was smug was she. Well she was thinking about what she is going to say when she is up there (not with my vote)

    NBC is nothing but faux lite. bush has the whitehouse and both houses of congress and the judicary and yet he cant get nothing through. SAd thing is I bet there some people who will hear it and actually belive it. Who needs special ops when you have the media doing all the grunt work for you.

  13. Pen, know this, I will not sit by down here, and let Mary Landfill continue in her current position. You are gonna get called out Mary!! You will get knocked off your fence, You and David Vitter are gonna go with the rest in ’06. Thanks for nothing, and the pretend tears are not gonna help. This is your notice. ’08 will be your downfall. See ya later!! Fence riding indead!! Shame on you!! You could have at least answered my email. I will stand against you at every chance, and will vote for any dog catcher, before I let you back in.

  14. Good points Pen. I had similar thoughts when I saw Sen. Landrieu.

    I was amazed at some of the later CNN coverage that did actually allow Dems to talk.

    Even a CNN Bureau News person who is stationed in Baghdad flat out said (to Anderson Cooper) that the SOTUS rhetoric does not match the reality in Iraq. He was forcefully stating that some of the Commanders have said they are unable (or reluctant) to be open about what they need and what is really going on. The “forced” democracy in the Middle East is becoming a terrifying disaster. I could not believe I was hearing some real news during a few segments. Notice I said a “few” segments…because there was still the use of the usual talking points that benefit the administration by commentators. Sad we have to hope we get the truth in the MSM. Dems have to stay in those cameras…of course with a strong message…in order to be heard by the general public. We can’t be drowned out with the new spin they will be pushing out. The battle is on.

  15. Donnie,

    Hope & pray your effortd are successful. While I do reside in California, I have family and friends in NO and southern states and want to see the south better representing THE PEOPLE.

  16. DAS- I was wondering if kerry thought the same thing about Iraq and how what bush said isn’t what is happening on the ground. Kerry just came back from there so he should know.

    What the GOP doesn’t get or care about is that our style of democracy may not work for other countries. other countries need to find out what works for them. America is 400 years old and Iraq has been a civilization for almost 5000 years. alot more history and a lot more drama.

    Donnie- you stay on Mary L and vitters case and the rest of the dems should to.

    Heck even ol trent lott doesn’t show his disgust with the machinations of bush concerning the gulf.

  17. Everyone needs to understand Congress, unlike other public places is not an open forum. It does not allow ANY protesting, gesturing or demonstrations of opinion from the Visitors’ Gallery. There is no “free speech right of way” in the gallery as one would enjoy on the sidewalk out side of the Capitol. The “no protests” is a clear rule one agrees to when and by entering the Visitors’ Gallery. Sheehan, who I am sympathetic too, is slowing morphing into a media buffoon and violated that rule by wearing the t-shirt. She has no one but herself to blame to her arrest.

  18. Finnegen

    I would assume Cindy Sheehan knew exactly what she was did and got the reaction she was looking for. She made a statement and the MSM picked up on it and provided a show before the SOTU.