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Bush to Announce Addiction to Oil

by Pamela Leavey

Clearly Bush is acting for intervention here, as he will announce tonight in the SOTU that he’s ‘Addicted to oil’.

We’ve all had enough of the doublespeak by now to know that when he’s saying during the SOTU that ‘“America is addicted to oil” and must break its dependence on foreign suppliers in unstable parts of the world,’ he’s really talking about his own addiction to oil, power, and those foreign friends in “unstable parts of the world.”

Clearly Congress could help him out with an Intervention or even better, impeachment… Then the rest of the country won’t have to suffer through his addiction.

UPDATE: In his response to Bush’s SOTU speech tonight, John Kerry said, “It’s the Bush Administration and Washington Republicans who are addicted to oil, and this Administration refuses to break the dependence that undermines our economy and threatens our security.

5 Responses to “Bush to Announce Addiction to Oil”

  1. So, we’re addicted to oil and we are also “over insured.”

  2. Terra networks?

    Terra… terra… terra…

  3. Our work in Iraq is difficult = it’s hard work.

  4. oh my… criticissm… defeatism… terra… terra… terra…

  5. Well, if Bush’s addicted to oil then perhaps his Saudi friends will stage an intervention for him. If they can’t I’m sure ol putin or chavez would be glad to help him out.