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He’s Back…

by Pamela Leavey

Karl Rove has come out of hiding to offer the GOP a “new battle plan” for the 06 elections. Funny, the gist of the “new battle plan” sounds a lot like the old battle plan…

1) Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
2) Show the Democrats as Wrong on National Security
3) Push the Judiciary as to the Radical Right

Rove “took no questions from the audience or the news media” and “referred only indirectly to the corruption issue.”

Isn’t Karl due for an indictment soon?

9 Responses to “He’s Back…”

  1. I’m a life long Democrat and can proudly say I’ve never voted Republican on the local, state, or national level.
    The democrats are bungling a tremendous opportunity to go after “Bush and Co.”. I’ve never seen a president put out so much material to use against him, and still be standing. I am shocked that over 40% of the public still believes in Bush. The people giving the job of PR for the Democrats ain’t working. Please……..please……the country can’t take one more Republican anywhere.

  2. Join the 21st century Boston Tea Party.

    If progressives form one large ad hoc union and boycott some of the major companies that give money to the Republican Party and lobby Republican representatives and senators we can make progressive legislative demands of the company CEOs or they lose our business and our money.

    I suggest people write congress and demand a progressive agenda and tell your representatives that unless they increase the minimum wage, pass universal health care, pass vote by mail with paper ballots counted by civil servants throughout the US and other progressive legislation, you will boycott companies like Wendy’s restaurants, Outback Steakhouse and other hard core Republican contributors.

    I would also suggest people look at http://boycott-republicans.com which advocates boycotting companies that give money to the Republican Party and then demanding that these CEOs go to the Republican Party and get the legislation that we progressives want.

    This appears the modern version of the Boston Tea Party.

  3. Republicans do better than Democrats on National Security and National Defense?

    That myth EXPLDED along with the first plane that hit the world trade center on Sept 11, 2001.

    Tell that to the Republicans and their compliant members of the press.

  4. The ‘Culture of Corruption’ Campaign. That’s what the DEMs need/will use against the Republicans. Years ago Tip O’Neal said all politics is local, and to a certain extent that’s true. But not this year. The Republicans are neck deep in trouble, and we should bash their problems over their head.
    Rove can true to wrap the GOP in flag again, but it won’t work. They can go to that well only so many times.

  5. Blue Washington

    Rove is back and the memes against Dems are heating up. Why are some people missing the point today?

  6. I still think the boycott should be against the media. We could make a much bigger dent in their income and really, if it weren’t for them slanting the news and not doing their job, we might have avoided this mess.
    And it is Big business right there. Starting with the Pres of GE telling the Fox Newscaster to call Florida for W in 2000.

    It is going to be hard to compete with reality shows, sports and celebrities. The other option is to financially support whoever is doing the right stuff.

    There’s also the apathy and cynicism towards all politics.
    I think the military families and vets may have a key role.

  7. KATRINA IS AN ISSUE OF SECURITY. Everytime they say “9/11! 9/11! 9/11!” we say “Katrina! Katrina! Katrina!”

  8. Everytime they say 9/11 I wish more people would remind them that the attack occured on Bush’s watch after he failed to take seriously multiple warnings about the risk of an attack from al Qaeda. Then remind them that Bush failed to go after those actually responsible for 9/11.

  9. Ron

    It’s to simple to tell the truth and too much to expect that the Noise Machine would want to. It’s all about the drama and the fear and smear – that’s news making these days. Sadly. Even in the liberal blogosphere, it appears sometimes, it’s about who’s got the hot headlines and can make the most noise, at this point.