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CNN Alert: John Kerry on the Situation Room

by Pamela Leavey

CNN Alert: Tune in to the Situation Room at 4:00 this afternoon to watch Senator Kerry’s interview with Wolf Blitzer from Israel.

If you missed it you can watch again at 7:28 pm, est.

Lavenderdiva on DU transcribed some fo the interview while watching. Here’s her post on DU (I’ll post the transcript when available, if there is more and hopefully video too)…

showing snippet of Gore’s speech quoting him saying, ‘The President of the U.S. has been consistently been breaking the law’.

Wolfie: Do you agree with him?

Kerry: Absolutely, repetitively, definitively. The law we passed clearly envisioned a court that has the power, on a moment’s notice, set up only for the purpose of approving these warrants, to be able to review them to be able to protect the constitutional rights of Americans, that’s number 1. Number 2, out of 16,000 some odd warrants that have been reviewed, only 4, I think, have been refused in that entire period of time. Finally, nothing in the law that Congress passed to respond to 9-11, nothing contemplated this kind of constitutional violation. So it is clearly a violation of the law. Now, there are any number of different recourses that could be taken. With a Republican Congress, we’ve had a particularly hard time getting any kind of recourse taken. We don’t have any power to issue subpoenas, we don’t have the power to call hearings. I think we have to continue to present this issue to the American people. I hope this administration, of its own admission, and its own steps, will reverse course and admit its own mistakes and try to guarantee that the protections put in place are adhered to.

Wolfie: Sen. Spector says he will hold hearings next month on this issue.

Kerry: I’ve heard that. I hope the hearings will be bi-partisan. I hope the appropriate people will be called on a bi-partisan basis. That Dems will have the right to have equal number of witnesses, and that subpoenas, if necessary, will be issued, as appropriate without the chairman having the right to veto them.

Wolfie: I want to get your response to Senator Clinton’s remarks yesterday. Do you agree that Sen. Clinton’s statement that this administration is the worst in history?

Kerry: I think this administration is one of the most derelict in responsibility in the history, yeah sure. I don’t disagree with her. I mean almost every single issue of importance, with a completely a-political point of view. Look at healthcare in America. What’s their plan? They don’t have a plan. Look at GM and Ford, they are looking at bankruptcy and the loss of jobs overseas. What’s the plan? They’re not even engaged in major discussions to figure out how we move forward. Look at what’s happened to investment in research and development, technology and science, and all of the things that create jobs of the future. We’re going backwards. The promise of No Child Left Behind has been left behind. The environment, we’re literally going backwards. Bottom line: we’re not as safe in the world as we ought to be, and we’re not facing up to our responsibilities at home as we ought to be, and I think history will be a harsh judge of those realities.

Wolfie: Do you want to tell our viewers how you are going to vote on Alito?

Kerry: No not from here (he’s in Jerusalem) not without having had a chance to review the hearings fully. But I will be back in a couple of days, and I intend to do that as soon as I get back.

Wolfie: Thanks for joining us. Be safe over there.

Kerry: Thanks a lot Wolf.

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