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John Kerry Lauds Free Power for Farmers in India

by Pamela Leavey

Photo: Satish H
Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy showing a picture of Nagarjunasagar dam to John Kerry in Hyderabad on Thursday.

The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper reports that John Kerry praised the Indian government’s “innovative initiatives in providing free power to farmers, besides creating infrastructure and irrigation facilities.”

He also lauded their programs to promote health and education and enquired about their disabled and old-age pensions. There’s more from The Hindu here.

While in India, Kerry also visited the “Care and Support Centre for People Living with HIV/AIDS at the Government Chest hospital.” Indian Health Minister K. Rosaiah and US and State Government officials accompanied him on that visit.

22 Responses to “John Kerry Lauds Free Power for Farmers in India”

  1. Who cares? John Kerry is irrelevent.

  2. What’s Bush up to anyway? hee, hee.

  3. No Sickofspin, you and your extremist government are soon to become irrelevant as Bush and those who have collaborated with him will soon be out of office.

  4. Sickofspin

    Kerry in the news must disturb your twisted mind.

  5. It’s not just being in the news. It’s how he is going to take down Bush and his cronies.

    When the Democrats take back the Senate (in 2008 if not 2006) and have full investigative power all the crimes of this regime will be exposed and Bush won’t have a Republican President in office to pardon him as Nixon did.

    DeLay, Bush, Rove, and many others will utlimately wind up behind bars–and John Kerry’s investiagations will play a part in this.

  6. OH YEAH, your singing my song Ron.

  7. Sickofspin

    SOMEBODY has to improve the standing of the US abroad. Bush won’t do it (when he’s not already ripping it to shreads) so Kerry will. Bush won’t use the US’s reputation of Pro-Democracy and respect for human rights, nor will he even arm our troops with the proper body armor that would buittress the notion of a strong American military.
    So like Lincoln borrowing McClellan’s army because McClellan refused to use against the treasonous Confederates, Kerry is doing what he can to promote the US abroad, Bush be damned like McClellan.

  8. With all the pro bush media sites and blogs why do people insist on coming here to start trouble?

  9. That’s telling him Nick!

  10. Not only is Kerry not relevant, the Democrats are proving daily that they are are also irrelevant. Here Kerry is in India unwittingly being asked to pose before the Nagarjunasagar dam as if he supports the destruction of the native communities caused by the construction of these dams in India. Independent analysis has shown that of the 1000s of dams constructed since Nehru’s vision of “dams as civilization” was introduced not one dam has achieved the social goals that were articulated to build and fund the dams. There is a great deal of human misery behind the pretty pictures that Kerry is viewing. What’s worse, he does not have a clue.

  11. afrothetics Says:
    January 16th, 2006 at 2:18 pm


    So you think you know what John Kerry knows or is thinking. Wow! Another mind reader in the house. The one without a clue is you, unless you were there during the time the photo was taken and were eavesdropping on the conversation.

  12. Afrothetics,

    Excuse me, but feel free to to go to hell. Get a clue. Don’t trash my chosen President. I’m outa the storms, don’t tell me what Kerry thinks!!! Take your Trash talk elsewhere!!

  13. afrothetics,

    See the problem with starting out by calling Kerry and Democrats irrelevant? Nobody is listening to anything else you have to say.

    If instead you wanted to seriously discuss the issues surrounding dams we might have had a serious discussion and maybe you would have been taken seriously. It would also help if you provided some more specifics and evidence (or even a good link) as opposed to just saying “Independent analysis has shown. . .”

  14. Thank you all. It’s nice to know that democrats are so well-represented. You folks are examples of why the Democrat Party is in trouble. Rather than respond with information showing why Congressional Democrats and Kerry are relevant, you instead attack the bearer of the bad news when all about you the evidence of Kerry’s collaboration with the current administration can be found, either openly or tacitly. He voted for the Iraq War, folks, the one where a billion a week of taxpayers money is being corrupted. Get over it! And, in doing so, he must be held accountable. Saying he was misled is disingenious. He is supposed to have information that the general public does not have. And, Kerry had several means of getting it outside of the intelligence community.

    First, he and his aides could have gone over to the House to converse with Reps John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich about what they knew, and when they knew it. You may remember, they both voted forcefully and knowledgeably against the war. Does your man read the Congressional Record.

    Second, Kerry could have gone out in the streets with his constituency and talked to its leaders about what they knew, and how they knew it. But, then that might mean being seen on camera with “progressive and liberal Americans.” You know, Democrats.

    Third, he could have held hearings in which the UN inspectors were invited to testify about what they knew, and when they knew it. H___, he could have Googled the information!

    Instead, all those folks who went to the streets in the US and in Europe against the war was not enough to convince him to dig deeper. Neither were the reports from the UN disclaiming that Iraq had no WMD’s enough to convince him to dig deeper. And, since he is over 50, he probably is not that computer literate. These few bullets is why Kerry is not president, today. During a period of defined national crisis, he exhibited no profound quality that revealed him to be a leader. And, guess where he looked for this, from the Bush Administration, who lies and dirty tricks were already legendary. Teresa was the better candidate in 2004. My advice, hold your elected officials to the fire; I’m not one of them.

    Finally, a semblance of courage. Until just this weekend, the Democrats have actually been debating as whether or not to filibuster the Alito nomination. I would have thought this to be a no-brainer. Once again, the Democrat electorate are ahead of the politicians who refuse to lead them as they resolutely retreat to some place called “the center.” The call for filibuster has been everywhere and growing since Alito’s nomination, but we are told that their advisers, who they do not name and whom I’m convinced are neocons or neocon wantabees, have been telling them to save their ammunition for the 2006 elections. How courageous!

    As to the issues of water, Kerry should have known. His advisors should have insured that he knew. Isn’t that why taxpayers pay for these folks? Nonetheless, for the ill-informed, there are many sources. You can start by reading Diane Raines Ward’s book, Water Wars: Drought, Flood, Folly, and the Politics of Thirst.

    Also, the issue of India’s water wars against indigenous peoples has been known for a generation or more, but is poignantly revealed in the documentary film, “Drowned Out”, a record of indigenous people struggling against overwhelming odds over what they can clearly see as the end of their life as a people, as a tribe. The focus of the film is a family of Adivasis (indigenous Indians) who confront their options when told that their river is going to be dam[n]ed (an appropriate word), with the result being that their lands would be submerged and they would no longer be able to live together as a people, as they had ably done for thousands of years. More importantly, their sustainable livelihoods as a people dedicated to the land and their river would be over.

    As in “eminent domain” battles in the US, the Indian government provided few funds and limited alternatives for their displacement. In other words, the government did not give a s@#*, much like the Bushies. The Adivasis decided to stay in their village to fight and drown if need be rather than make way for this bureaucratic and severely flawed mega dam project being funded by — guess who? World Bank.

    Although, the Adivasis received both national and international support against this scheme, they failed; thereby becoming just another indigenous group no urban Indian ever heard of being casted into the cities with no means of survival. Predatory capitalism at its most predaceous.

    Get the film, view it, and learn about how this same human suffering in the face of an uncontrolled government is what average Americans will also confront in the 21st century if we do not make some serious changes in leadership. Katrina was a preview, and why I believe there is a need to remove ourselves from petty political loyalties like those being displayed on these pages. Politicians must be held accountable and unprecedented numbers in the Bush administration should be headed to jail. Where is your candidate on this issue? Where is your candidate on the rebuilding of New Orleans? Where is your candidate on impeachment? As the athletes say, “Prime time players make prime time plays.”

  15. afrothetics Says:
    January 29th, 2006 at 10:15 am

    Nice to see those right wing talking points we have come to know and love. Sorry, but I don’t buy into them anymore. I was a republican. I’m am a Katrinacrat now. See you in the funny papers fool.

  16. Donnie,

    Apparently, reading is not your strength.

  17. Afrothetics

    Actually it seems as though you can’t read –

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    The Democratic Daily reserves the right to Moderate, Edit or Delete comments at their own discretion. Bashing, trashing or attacking our Democratic leaders in office, Democratic Candidates, or our members is not tolerated.

    Maybe you think you are being cute coming here bashing Senator Kerry, but it’s not acceptable to bash any of our Democratic Leaders here.

    Furthermore, as I already pointed out to you earlier, you have no clue what Kerry does or does not know and the photo above and the story refers to a diplomatic visit in India, not a let’s go argue with India about their past visit.

  18. It is your current comment, that shows misinformation. Therefore, I will choose to help you instead of making fun of you. This is a link, that might give help to you, and any friends you might have that are like minded. I really hope you can get help, and overcome your obvious problem.


  19. To borrow a title from Bill Maher:


    Anyone who still claims Kerry voted for the war is simply not worth conversing with.

  20. Ron

    I do agree. Wonderful rule.

  21. Agreed.

  22. Pamela,

    How about another.


    Anyone who repeats any of the standard Kerry bashing lines which have been refuted hundreds of times must read Al Franken’s book The Truth before posting here.

    For example, after refuting the attacks on Kerry for either supporting the war or the GOP line that he held six different positions on the war, Franken concludes:

    “So the vote for the resolution was not a vote for the war. And when the President did launch his attack, not as a last resor, or even a second-to-last resort, Kerry did speak out.”

    (Pages 90-91).