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3 Houston TV Stations Drop DeLay Ads Under Pressure

by Pamela Leavey

An update from my earlier piece on The Campaign for America’s Future ad campaign against Reps. Tom Delay and Bob Ney. DeLay had threatened to sue any TV Stations that ran the ads, 3 Houston stations have dropped the ads under pressure…

3 Houston TV Stations Refuse DeLay Ads

The ads were to start Wednesday and run for one week. But the DeLay campaign sent letters to the stations threatening legal action, saying the spots are deliberately misleading.

“The ad is reckless, malicious, and false, casting Mr. DeLay in a false light by accusing him of unsubstantiated criminal conduct,” DeLay campaign lawyer Don McGahn wrote the stations. “We demand that you refuse or otherwise cease airing the advertisement.”

KHOU-TV, a CBS affiliate, announced on its 5 p.m. broadcast that it was skipping the ads because “not all the claims in the ad could be clearly substantiated from the source material.”

ABC affiliate KTRK-TV and Fox affiliate KRIV-TV also declined to air the spot, which was paid for by Campaign for America’s Future and Public Campaign Action Fund.

Toby Chaudhuri — a spokesman for Campaign for America’s Future, one of the groups that paid for the ad — said in a statement that “threatening to sue the media and desperately throwing dust in the eyes of his constituents rather than answering the charges against him won’t help Rep. DeLay’s defense.”

One Response to “3 Houston TV Stations Drop DeLay Ads Under Pressure”

  1. It really says a lot for our country when a former cock roach killer can wield so much power.