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DeLay Threatens “Sue any Station” Over TV Ads

by Pamela Leavey

Yesterday The Campaign for America’s Future and the Public Campaign Action Fund released a new TV ad campaign to tackle the rampant culture of corruption in Congress. The television, radio and billboard ads are targeting Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, and Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, for their “central roles in one of the worst congressional corruption scandals ever.”

The Campaign for America’s Future reports thats the television and radio ads will began airing today in “Reps. DeLay and Ney’s districts and the billboard looms above Rep. Ney’s hometown exit on Rte. I-70 in Heath, Ohio.”

The Tom DeLay ad asks Rep. DeLay to “resign from Congress.” It has been scheduled to run throughout the Houston media market on broadcast and cable stations KHOU-CBS, KRIV-FOX, KPRC-NBC, KTRK-ABC, CNN, FOX, CNBC and CNN Headline News.

View the ad here:
DeLay Ad

Toby Chaudhuri of The Campaign for America’s Future sent out an alert earlier today that Tom DeLay got a little huffy under the collar over the news about the ads and has threatened to “sue any station” that runs the ads.

You can listen to the Bob Ney radio ad here:
View the ad here:
Bob Ney Radio Ad

There is more info and an action alert here:

Read more about the Project for an Accountable Congress.

5 Responses to “DeLay Threatens “Sue any Station” Over TV Ads”

  1. On what ______ grounds? This guy is to much. These people are giving me heartburn.

  2. Sandrakae

    I’m still laughing about your earlier comment about the PM of India meeting with Bush!

  3. LOL Sandrakae, maybe a swift kick in the bottomside of Bush would help lessen the heartburn. Meanwhile, back at the camp, the Katrinacrat is loose for a week!! I think it is the proper time for a good ole’ fashioned down-the-bayou, verbal Ass-whooping!! What say you? Shall I have my way with the GOP? I feel frisky, and want a piece of the GOP bottom side. Shall I cut loose and make up for lost time? I think so!! Let the games begin!! Time to get nasty, and let them know I’m still here. Katrinacrat and loving it! Time to get aggresive and lash out. Stand by for it!

  4. Maybe the federal judges that delay and co threaten last year are to sue him.
    Delay needs to sit down and shut up. They showed a pic of him last night on tv with his arrogant swagger and I thought yep, that’s got kind of swagger a lot of punks have right before they get sentenced to prison. The nothing is going to get me even though I did it swagger.

  5. I was just wondering how these people think, or avoid thinking. And it occurred to me that;

    I would not want to be a Vulcan and do a mind meld with any of them…