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John Kerry Credits Failed Leadership by Bush and Rumsfeld for Troops Not Having Body Armor That Can Save Lives

by Pamela Leavey

This weekend a secret Pentagon report was released by the NY Times that showed that “as many as 80 percent of the marines who have been killed in Iraq from wounds to the upper body could have survived if they had had extra body armor.”

While traveling on a 12 day tour of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Senator John Kerry issued a statement on that report today, calling for an investigation and immediate delivery of new body armor:

“There is simply no excuse for our troops not having the body armor that can save their lives. It’s a tragic and stark reminder of the very real human cost being paid for this administration’s mistakes. Failed leadership by the President and Secretary of Defense is no excuse and no solace.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to those families whose hearts are breaking again with this news.

“Congress has appropriated billions of dollars for this very need—the failure is the administration’s. It’s time for them to hold people accountable and deliver. No more rhetoric, no more lip service. Our troops deserve no less.”

3 Responses to “John Kerry Credits Failed Leadership by Bush and Rumsfeld for Troops Not Having Body Armor That Can Save Lives”

  1. The dems need to keep on this one. Reid are to bring it up at every meeting he has in the red states. Where is hil on this isn’t she on the armed services committee.

    First they make the troops rummage through trash for metal to arm the humvees and now they had vest to save more of them and didn’t give it to them. Kerry is right the money is there and there is no excuse for this crap. I’d beat this into ground for 06 elections. Once again rove, rummy and co were unprepared for this war and they need to be dismissed and bush impeached for not arming his troops.

  2. Pen

    Hil did speak up today and she was plenty vocal:

    Senator Clinton slams Pentagon on poor body armor for US troops

    There has been an on going call for so long now about the body armor, it’s beyond shameful. Some CIC he is… argh!

  3. Glad to see Kerry holding the irresponsible Rumsfeld Bush clan accountable. Our troosp deserve better.