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Arhnold Moves Left: Schwarzenegger Seeks Huge Spending Increase in CA

by Pamela Leavey

In an absolutely nauseating ploy to stay in the Governor’s office in California after his failed “Special Election” in November Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a massive new spending intiative for “highways, schools, air quality and ports” today.

In his second State of the State address, Schwarzenegger proposed a $70 billion bond issue, the biggest in California history, which over the next decade would pay for new schools, roads, better ports and improved air quality, as well as new levees and jails. He also backed a dollar increase in the minimum wage.

As a Californian I can honestly say that we certainly could use these things that Arhnold has proposed. As Democrat I can honestly say, I don’t trust Arhnold one iota. I never have and I never will. He’s cut from the sleezy cloth of corrupt Republican’s. If California voters think for one second that this about face isn’t purely a political move because he is up for re-election, think again.

The proposals mark a change for the Republican governor, who took office in 2003 after a dramatic recall election in which he defeated Democrat Gray Davis. Democratic and Republican lawmakers agreed that Schwarzenegger’s proposals — which also include new funding for solar power projects — are designed to appeal to Democratic voters, who are critical to his reelection hopes.

There are two strong Democrats running against Arhnold in the Governor’s race this year in California — State Treasurer Phil Angelides and State Controller Steve Westly.

Angelides campaign co-chairs are Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein; House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi; and California Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez.

I’ve posted this here before but it’s worth a re-post… Take a Tour of Arnold’s Neighborhood.

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