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Abramoff Not Equal Money Dispenser; Even Donated to Swift Boat Liars

by RonChusid

Republicans try to spin Abramoff as supporting both Democrats and Republicans, but his choice was clear. While Republicans claim he donated to both parties, Bloomberg reports that this is untrue:

U.S. President George W. Bush calls indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff “an equal money dispenser” who helped politicians of both parties. Campaign donation records show Republicans were a lot more equal than Democrats.

Between 2001 and 2004, Abramoff gave more than $127,000 to Republican candidates and committees and nothing to Democrats, federal records show.

The Washington Post provides some information on his background:

Born in Atlantic City, N.J., Abramoff, 46, graduated from Brandeis University and Georgetown University Law Center. He was a leader of the College Republicans where he met Kidan; anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist; and Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition who now is a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in Georgia.

Wikipedia provides more information on his college years:

In college, Abramoff organized Massachusetts campuses for Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. He graduated from Brandeis University in 1981 and earned his JD at the Georgetown University Law Center in 1986.

After a campaign managed by Grover Norquist and aided by Ralph E. Reed, Jr., Abramoff was elected chairman of the College Republican National Committee. “It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left,” Abramoff was quoted as saying in the group’s 1983 annual report, “Our job is to remove them from power permanently”. Abramoff “changed the direction of the committee and made it more activist and conservative than ever before,” notes the CRNC.

The Washington Post also reported on how Abramoff bragged about his White House ties.

Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff bragged two years ago that he was in contact with White House political aide Karl Rove on behalf of a large, Bermuda-based corporation that wanted to avoid incurring some taxes and continue receiving federal contracts, according to a written statement by President Bush’s nominee to be deputy attorney general.

Finally, if there’s not already enough reason to dislike him, Forward reports that Abramoff had contributed to the Swifties!

4 Responses to “Abramoff Not Equal Money Dispenser; Even Donated to Swift Boat Liars”

  1. The Swiftie Liers! Why am I not surprised? I just hope he (Abramoff) sings like a songbird…

  2. ShrubCo (and their MSNBC parrot-in-chief Tweetybird Matthews for that matter) is trying to make this a bi-partisan scandal by over exaggerating the number of Dems involved – I don’t think we’re quite up to a handful yet, where as scores of Repubs, including Shrubbie, can’t return their Abramoff dough fast enough. Abramoff is a Republican and he primarily funneled money to other Repubs, period. End of story. There’s far more ink, photo and film footage of him schmoozing with his GOP pals than with Dems. So far we know of what, maybe three Dems who received funds with ties to Abramoff, two of which received it thru their state tribes (an important residential constituency for both), so they may not have actually known Abramoff’s hands had tainted the pot. Reid, well he may have some explaining to do and it doesn’t help he’s our Senate Leader and his involvement weakens our hand a bit but overall I don’t think the media is buying it. They know this is a Repub scandal. They already have the dramatic storyline they are pursuing which is how will all this Repub scandal affect 2006 midterm elections. As long as they keep running footage of Abramoff speaking as president of the College Republicans at the RNC and throwing in DeLay and Ney’s name into the mix for good measure. I think it will be tough for them to make this a Dem issue too.

  3. There were more than three Democrats who received money, from groups tied with Abramoff but it isn’t clear whether Abramoff was directly tied with them. The amounts of money going to Democrats was much less. Most importantly, there isn’t the evidence of direct buying of favors in the contributions to Democrats as is seen with the Republicans and the K Street Project.

  4. Hi Ron,
    Well yeah, I figured there were more than 3 but whatever the Dem tally on this I’m sure the Repub tally will be much much greater and far more slimey. No doubt there.