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Arhnold is Lobbying for CA Dem Votes

by Pamela Leavey

After a year of being stung by his own initiatives, Arhnold is holding out an olive branch to Democratic voters in California.

Offering an unexpected election-year gift to 650,000 California students and their parents, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will ask the Legislature to cancel a hefty fee increase scheduled for next year at the state’s public colleges and universities, administration officials said Wednesday.

The fee-relief proposal comes as Schwarzenegger puts the final touches on the State of the State speech he will deliver next week and his 2006-07 budget. In the speech, top aides said the Republican governor would take a far less confrontational tone than last year and pick issues of mutual interest to Democrats, who control both houses of the Legislature.

With a teenager due to start college in the fall of ’07, it’s a welcome announcement. Will I cast a vote for Arhnold for re-election – NEVER!

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