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John Kerry to Visit Pakistan in January

by Pamela Leavey

A Pakistani news source is reporting that John Kerry will visit Pakistan in January.

New York:– US Senator and former democratic party’s presidential candidate John Kerry would visit Pakistan and earthquake hit areas of Azad Kashmir next year, it is learnt through reliable sources. During his almost one week trip he would visit India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is told that he will stay in Pakistan for two days. A prominent Pakistani American Shahid Ahmad Khan would also visit Pakistan alongwith Senator Kerry.

The details of the Senator Kerry’s visit to Pakistan is being worked out but it is learnt that other than meeting with President and other officials, he intends to meet with some other people from different walks of life and some politicians as well. It is also told that Senator Kerry would offer his maximum support for rehabilitation and reconstruction of earthquake affected areas.

UPDATE: Kerry will also visit India, Afghanistan and Iraq.

9 Responses to “John Kerry to Visit Pakistan in January”

  1. It is great to see John Kerry visiting leaders of countries throughout the world and reaching out to the victims of the Pakistani earthquake. He is a leader in every sense of the word, and the world needs to know there is still a good side to America. He exemplifies that.

  2. MAybe momma T needs to start going on a few trips with him. one of the media myths in the 04 election was she was going to be a loose cannon with other world leaders. ALthough I wouldn’t recommend Iraq for her or anyone else. It would be nice to see them working together as a couple. Call me paranoid but I hope kerry doesn’t let anyone in washington know other than a few trusted staffers when he’s going and when he’s getting back. Frankly as unhinged as cheney and co are it’s not safe for any top dem to let his schedule be known overseas.

  3. John Kerry just visited Pakistan and one of the comments he made was that Pakistan should be treated on par with India as far as civilian Nuclear energy was concerned. We all know Pakistani record with nuclear technology..poliferation to Libya, Iran, NK,and who knows other non-state actors…read Al Queda. This person does not deserve to be the president of the USA. Thank god for the republicans who would never do this..

    Note: I am not a republican but this thoughtless comments by democratic leaders scare me..

  4. Sam

    We know full well what the news reported, it is posted here – http://blog.thedemocraticdaily.com/?p=1657

    Kerry also said he was “confident President George W. Bush would discuss it when he visited the region in the future.”

    “In the meantime, I think we all ought to try and find a ways that we can find that common ground so that we can make it possible,” he said.

    If you think republicans aren’t advocating for this, you are blind. Honestly I would rather see someone who actually fully supports NON-proliferation, like Kerry, leading the discussions on this than Bush.

  5. Kerry is playing the balancing act between india and pakistan. The senator continues the mindless juggle on all world issues, which makes him a comic on the american political scene. He should stick to domesting MA politics which he does so well – Kerry for Governor is fine, but for President – I don’t think so.

  6. Yasin

    And you think that Bush, the inept won’t be doing a juggling act when he goes to visit both countries next month. Kerry has far more foreign policy experience than Bush – over 20 years to be exact. Your lack of comprehension on the delicate balance of foreign policy is evident, as is also your lack of comphrehension of the role of U.S. Senators and national politics.

  7. Yasin,

    Kerry is a long standing member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has demonstrated considerable expertise on forign affairs during his career.

  8. Political leaders from all over the world are either visiting Pakistan or sending their sympathies along with the aid. it is good to know that John Kerry is visiting leaders of countries and reaching out to the victims of the Pakistani earthquake, and sharing their burden in time of great need.

  9. Naeem Tyab

    He’s a great man and great leader.