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Bush and the Economy

by Pamela Leavey

An Editorial in today’s WaPo cites that the economic picture over the past year is not as rosey as it could be. The problems, the WaPo says, lie with stagnant wages for workers and Bush’s tax cuts, among other things…

Here’s a quip:

Finally, the signs that market forces may be making it hard for workers to win pay gains raise fresh questions about President Bush’s tax strategy. Mr. Bush has cut taxes on capital, even though capital has increased its share of the proceeds from the economy; the cuts may ultimately force a compensating increase in taxes on workers, whose incomes haven’t done as well. This amounts to common sense inverted. Rather than counteracting a troubling aspect of the economy, Mr. Bush’s policy makes it worse.

3 Responses to “Bush and the Economy”

  1. Pam, check your email. Politically Direct airing Kerry again this Sunday, and site
    http://www.politicallydirectradio.com has an audio link to 12/25.

  2. These supply-siders– they never seem to learn. I’m starting to think they don’t want to.

  3. It’s not a case of learning. The Republicans have their goals. They put out bogus theories like supply side economics (aka Voodoo Economics) in order to try to sell what they want to do to people who would never vote for them if they realized their true goals.