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Democrats Look to Win Back Senate in 2006

by RonChusid

The Associated Press looks at Charles Schumer, who heads the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and his strategy to pick up seats in 2006. Democrats need to pick up five seats, and Schumer is concentrating on seven races in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, and Arizona.

What looked like a long shot a year ago now looks difficult but possible. Yesterday Robert Novak even gave hopes of a Democratic pick up in yet another state–Mississippi should Trent Lott decide not to run. Novak writes that Republicans in Mississippi believe that if Lott does not run the seat will be picked up by a Democrat, former state Attorney General Mike Moore.

21 Responses to “Democrats Look to Win Back Senate in 2006”

  1. One can only hope. The Holy Spirit’s message on The Christian Prophet blog is very interested in resurrecting the Democratic Party, but as a party which is strong and no-nonsense in protecting Americans. The Holy Spirit says current leadership is sabotaging the party.

  2. On a more secular note, I concur. It would be nice to know the majority were not a danger to themselves and or others. That we get progressive momentum out of the next election cycle would be a bonus, but do not hold your breath.

  3. I somehow sense a hidden message there. That Christians are not happy with the Democratic Party, as if anyone really knows the one and only Holy Spirit’s words.

    The Democratic Party wants to protect all Americans, and always have. I extend that to the whole world, with a better foreign policy. That means everyone, and not just Christians.

    I hope I’m misreading you.

  4. My first reason for posting was a caveat, black box voting willing and fraud-free. lol

  5. A Christian Prophet Says: December 27th, 2005 at 6:36 pm

    A Christian Prophet

    Your “Holy Spirit” fails to recognize that many of those Democratics, whom Your “Holy Spirit” claim are ruining the Democratic Party with their hatred towards Bush, are responding to Bush and the neocon’s hatred towards them.

    Your “Holy Spirit” does not speak for me or many other’s in the Democratic Party.

    Beware the false prophet who claims the “Holy Spirit” speaks through him and wants to direct the future of his political party.

  6. Marjorie G

    Reading through our visitor’s blog, I’m not sure where the “holy spirit” stands. Too much like “God told me to go to war with Iraq” for my tastes.

    In a fantasy political world we can respond with niceties and love towards the other party — in this political world, we can’t ignore their attacks and unfortunately we often need to counter them. Something the “Holy Spirit” doesn’t seem to get.

  7. Reading Christian Prophet’s blog I see they are wrong on this.

    They misrepresent the Democrats position on the Patriot Act and falsely claim that Bush is offering protection.

    Bush has failed in protecting the country. He ignored warnings from Democrats about the dangers from al Qaeda. He ignored the warnings in his own intelligence briefings of an imminent attack. After 9/11 he placed us at greater risk by the way he mishandled the response.

    Bush also showed that he cannot be trusted.

    He misused security alerts for political gain during the elections.

    He has misused his power in breaking the law with regards to wiretaps.

    Due to this abuse of power, several Republicans joined with the Democrats in wanting to revise the Patriot Act.

    They are not attempting to block the entire Patriot Act as Christian Prophet suggests. They wanted a three month extension in order to revise it so that those parts necessary to fight terrorism are maintained without the unnecessary restrictions on civil liberties.

    As Benjamin Franklin warned, “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

  8. I am not sure what the “Holy Spirit” is praying for…I only agree with the article in that I do believe (again, in a secular fasion) that the Dems have a good chance to take the Senate, and in doing so we shall all get a reprieve of the dangerous majority that currently control our congress. All this has come about as the Repubs keep distancing themselves and continue to fracture. There are two things I have learned to avoid as I have matured: Shooting myself in the foot (again) and more importantly, getting into religious discussion with zelots.

  9. Ben

    LOL! It’s far easier to agree with the article than the false prophet!

  10. Hey Nick or anyone else,
    How does Mike Moore poll in Mississippi in comparison to other potential GOPer candidates?
    Here’s another question – When was the last time a DEM held a senate seat from Mississippi?
    The mind does wander. I don’t think Lott is all that chummy with Bushco after what they did to him.

  11. Good question BW…

    I would think if a Dem were to come out of Ol’e Miss, would be a cross between J. Edwards and Zell Miller. I would not expect to see any “liberal” support if on were to emerge.

  12. BLueWashington

    The last time Mississippi had a Democratic Senator was in the 1980s. Conservative Democrat (though he had come a long way in his racial views) John Stennis decided to retire before the 1988 elections. He was replaced by Trent Lott.
    Given that Stennis had served in the Senate since 1947, when Mississippi was a one party state, it was probably time to retire. At the time of his retirement he had the second longest career in history (behind Carl Hayden of Arizona).
    While always a more conservative Democrat, Stennis did come to reject the racism of the past and became far more moderate on socio-economic matteres in the 70s and 80s than he had been before. Stennis died in 1995.
    Prior to Stennis’ retirement in 1988, the last Democrat Senator from Mississippi was James Eastland. Eastland served from 1947-1978.
    Eastland was an ultra-racist perhaps known best for claiming that the KKK did not exist in Mississippi and that the deaths of Goodman, Cheney, and Schwerner was a big hoax (I’m not making this up). NOt only on race, but on ALL matters economic and social Eastland was a FAR right-wing conservative. He had no more use for labor unions and social safety nets than he did for blacks.
    Eastland retired in part because of the growing political power of blacks in Misssissippi in the 1970s. Eastland died in 1986. He was replaced in 1978 by Thad Cochran.

  13. Anonymous was me, Nick.

  14. Nick, we knew you forgot to put your name in, but thanks for confirming, not to mention the great info. I had forgotten Eastland… Gives me hope I my memory of some of these criminals will subside. (Well, at the rate my memory is deteriorating, I am now looking forward to some really blissfull 80’s and 90’s)

    I agree that while it is good to know what they are trying to believe, it is not worth time arguing with the fanatics.

    And I hope that Schumer is smart enough to pay attention to professional like this than Kos and others:

    “But one political observer said Schumer’s list of seven target states in 2006 may not be as far-fetched as his detractors claim.
    Bruce Oppenheimer, a Vanderbilt University politics professor, said the conditions in Tennessee may be ripe for a Democratic win.
    “People think this race would lean Republican, all other things being equal. But it’s in play,” said Oppenheimer. “For the Democrats, it’s certainly doable.”

    I’m sure Lott has a lot of angst in his decision. Bush and the GOP face the reality of how people react to that kind of treatment when they make mistakes. The Democrats sure don’t understand that if you want powerful seated candidates to continue running, you’d best not give them the leper treatment for common political foot in mouth syndrome.

    Ultimately, I think Katrina and his personal losses may be the deciding factor. It’s hard to keep fighting the big battles when you have your own to conquer. And knowing that, despite all his years of service and allegiance to the GOP, they let him and the whole region down in the disaster management. Methinks Lott may actually be wrestling one of those life battles of the mind and soul brought on by a major lesson that challenges some dearly held beliefs and values.

    Here’s hoping he chooses for both his own sanity and the good of the country.

  15. Thanks for the info Nick,

    One thing I want to toss out for everyone to remember: if/when things go our way next November, we’re going to have DEMs of different stripes. I, for one, would not tolerate another Zell Miller or worst – James Eastland. There will be those, such as Bob Casey, Jr. of PA, who will be more moderate in their social views. I can deal with that. As long as everyone stays on the reservation when it comes to the basics, i.e. Social Security and looking after ANWR and not sticking to the working class, the poor and dispossessed at budget time, we’re in business. Ultimately, we need 51 seats in the Senate to control the agenda in that chamber (Okay – 50 plus Bernie Sanders, who votes with the DEM Caucus).
    There are those such as John Stennis and Robert Byrd who came to congress with certain attitudes that were socially acceptable in their time. But after learning the ways of the world, they find out how wrong they were. Redemption. Nothing wrong with that.

    In fact, today I received an email from JK reminding me to support my senator (Maria Cantwell) during her re-election bid. Everyone has to do their part to support their DEM senators and candidates at this time.

  16. BlueWashington,

    Initially we have to accept who ever will vote for Democratic control of each chamber, even if they are not totally desirable. Having Democrats control the leadership positions and committee chairs, along with having the necessary subpoena powers to investigate the executive branch, is the top priority right now.

  17. Well said Ron!!

  18. BLue Washington

    Agree with everything you said man, but shouldn’t it be “Social Security and looking after ANWR and not sticking IT to the working class, the poor and dispossessed at budget time,”?
    I wouldn’t worry about Bob Casey. He’s more conservative on the abortion issue, but he’s pretty liberal on everything else. Remember that there have always been Democrats who voted for pro-life judges, yet despite that the Supreme Court in its current makeup is 6-3 against overturning Roe.
    The election of Casey should be a new sign of Democratic tolerance. As opposed to what happened in 2000 with Ron Klink. A Pittsburgh native who was supported by labor and economic liberals but opposed new gun control laws adn abortion, Klink was a very attractive candidate on paper who cold do well in the Reagan Democrat areas of Pittsburgh and make some inroads into Santorum’s rural base.
    There was just one problem: In that era of soft money run rampant, the Democratic Party in DC and socially liberal Dems in Philly (the one part of Pa. that is socially liberal) refused to give the Klink campaign money. The result? Six more years of Senator Man-On-Dog. Abortion or no abortion, can the country afford six more years of Santorum? We gotta clean these right-wingers out of the liberal northeast.

  19. You caught me Nick.

    I was talking to one of my kids and typing (typo-ing) at the same time.

    The point I was trying to make, and I think you and Ron caught on, was that have to think ‘Big Tent’ this next year.
    But, my other point is Zell Miller. Remember, this a guy who, in the end, wouldn’t even attend the DEM caucus, or even acted as a reliable vote for Democratic causes. I’m all for Big Tent, but the Miller’s of the world? What’s the point.

  20. Blue Washington

    I’ll take Casey or Rick on the Dog any day! Zell is a different story however.

    But we need control to get rid of the cabal.

  21. Blue Washington

    Your point that ole Zig-Zag Zell “wouldn’t even attend the DEM caucus, or even acted as a reliable vote for Democratic causes. I’m all for Big Tent, but the Miller’s of the world? What’s the point?” is right on. A big tent is great-as long as people stay inside the tent and don’t go outside to tell lies about the people in the tent.