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Senate Rejects ANWR Drilling

by RonChusid

Remember a year ago when Bush thought he had the political capital to do whatever they wanted, and Republicans like Grover Norquist thought they were in complete control and on the way to a permanent majority? It looks like the Republicans have been stopped again:

The Senate blocked oil drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge Wednesday, rejecting a measure that had been put into a must-pass defense spending bill in an attempt to garner wider support.

Drilling supporters fell four votes short of getting the required 60 votes to avoid a threatened filibuster of the defense spending legislation. Senate leaders were expected to withdraw the legislation so it could be reworked without the refuge language. The vote was 56-44.

20 Responses to “Senate Rejects ANWR Drilling”

  1. VICTORY! Thank you JK, DiFi, Maria Cantwell, and all the Dems who fought this!

  2. Another incredible wool over the head move by Democrats. Lets not drill in a god forsaken area that no one visits or see’s, but by god, do not allow gas prices to climb and do not make me get rid of my SUV!!

    Yes, our wildlife is important and vital, but our security and economic well being for our generations is more important on the whole. Once again, Democrats vote on emotion rather than from reality.

  3. If there was a meaningful amount of oil there, it would be a different story, but it doesn’t appear that drilling there would solve our problems.

    Now, if people like you would get rid of your SUV’s . . .

  4. Lynn

    The wool is over your head. Reality is drilling in ANWR won’t do what Stevens or others claim.

  5. Ron…sorry, but no SUV here. Go park yours.

    Pam, the fact is that the oil is a known source of energy that the U.S. needs. Until we change our ways, we must use our known resources and not rely on oil from such criminals as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

    As a Republican, I love our nature and environment and appreciate many of the stances that democrats take on our environment, but we are not talking about drilling in the Sierra mountains, we are talking about a place where no one goes. As an avid backpacker and hiker I love the environment as well, but we must also be realistic.

  6. Lynn,

    I don’t have a SUV. It is you who said “do not make me get rid of my SUV” so don’t act indignant if I assume you have one. (Rereading I see you meant something different than what I first thought as it is more typically Republicans who object to criticism of SUV’s).

    The amount of oil there appears trivial compared to our needs. Advocating drilling there is just another Republican way of pretending to solve problems while really doing little.

  7. Ron,

    It was a “general” statement, not to YOU directly…here we go, “some” dems getting defensive.

    The fact is, that oil is there and we need it. No one said it would resolve the problem. Until you start riding your bike to work, shop or across the country on vacation, begin to support your country and utilize what we have to reduce, even if temporarily our dependence on regimes such as in Venezuela. By the way, I do respect your point of view.

  8. Lynn,

    I lived in Alaska for 14 years. That area is most definitely NOT “God forsaken”. There are people who go there, animals who live there and flora that grows there.

    You think we have the wool over our head and vote from emotion. We have looked at the facts, repeatedly generated by scientific analysis, that the amount of oil is not going to help us long enough to justify diverting money from developing long term renewable energy sources.

    We might buy security and economic well being for a short term of “our generations”. That is short sighted.
    And some people might be able to keep their SUVs with cheaper gas. While a majority percentage of people in the world do not have enough power for basic needs.

    It seems to me that Republicans with this attitude “think” from an adolescent “me first” perspective. And add the “why should I care about the land or other people, I’ve got mine and I will keep it” argument.

    Yeah, we think it’s time you stop whining and grow up.

  9. Hi Ginny,

    Let me clarify, God forsaken in that not many people can even see or get there. Not that it is not beautiful. I hope one day to visit that beautiful state.

    Who really knows what the right answer is? I think that we need to tap the energy that we have in the U.S. and many of you do not. That is your right. I grew up in Huntington Beach, Ca and remember all the oil wells that looked ugly all over the beach area. Now, many have been yanked up and a wetland is being restored. It looks much better, but at least we tapped the energy that was available. the means now are much more efficient and environmentaly friendly.

    Republicans are often stereotyped as me first, but that is not true. I for one donate a lot of time to charities and donate my time to teach art in a local elementary school. By I also believe in self dependency, no handouts unless someone earns it, in the best way that one can.

    Have a Merry Christmas! This first time I have blogged and it has been fun!

  10. Lynn,

    I’d love to see a study breaking down the number of Democrats versus Republicans who:

    Drive more fuel efficient vehicles
    Live closer to work so they don’t have a long commute.
    Ride public transportation
    Ride bikes or walk
    Batch their shopping to minimize mileage
    Buy on line or by catalogue to avoid driving
    Do research and comparison shopping on line to minimize driving,
    Plan vacations to minimize driving.
    Have been first to buy Hybrid vehicles that do not save any money, just the amount of fuel you use.
    Voluntarily contribute extra to their energy bill so the company can invest more in wind energy or other alternative, more expensive, sources.

    Have energy efficient houses, appliances, and practice
    conservation (Lower winter central heating, less AC at higher temperatures, blocking ducts to unused rooms, compact fluorescent lighting, automatic timers, etc)

    I try not to buy clothes or shoes from corrupt countries or companies. (In fact, I’m a lousy consumer, buy very little)
    Where fossil fuel is concerned, it’s also an issue of replacing it with something different, not just a different supplier.

  11. Ginny,

    I do live only 2 miles from work on purpose. And I fit into many other categories that you feel are only for dems. You are stereo typing Republicans. You have them already molded into your mind without really knowing them. Yes, I agree with you that some do fit your thoughts, but so do many Democrats. I know a number of them with trucks that drive many miles to and from work.

    Do not compare ANWR and our thoughts about it with everything you seem to bring up. They are not related and never will be. Try to get to know a Republican, talk to them and really understand their thoughts and you will see that we are all not what is cast in the media. I pride myself in giving to the community and those less fortunate, I donate countless hours and donate computers and products to our schools, plus donate teaching time. But wait, Republicans do not do that! Of course we do…

  12. Lynn,

    It has been a pleasure to have a well “spoken” adversary. We do try to recognize other perspectives and find common ground instead of the all too common obstinate reiteration of an uncompromising position.

    I don’t stereotype ALL Republicans as me first. The percentage that has been encouraged to think this way has become very discouraging. I am an RN, have worked critical care and Home Care, have a child with a major learning disablity as well as medical problems; and I just don’t see the people who are getting “unearned handouts”.

    How do you “earn” a handout? By having the misfortune of being disabled, old, ill, or developmentally delayed.
    There’s a difference between giving a helping hand and a handout. Self dependency/responsiblity is the normal, healthy human preference. Even those who are disabled, have compromised health or other limits, strive for as much independence as they can. It is the hopeless and undeserving rich who abandon independence.

    The right thing is often difficult to determine. We have to balance waiting to get the information we need to make a reasonable decision – that will involve risk, and waiting so long the benefits are reduced or delayed. Comparing Huntington Beach and the Artic is problematic. The sheer temperature difference slows the recovery time by decades, if not longer. The difference in the ecosystems- related to the temperature- is also huge. So the scientific evaluations of benefit/risk are important in that they specifically address those differences.

    If you are a backpacker, get to Alaska. It is a totally awesome experience to be 400 miles from nowhere, literally. The untouched beauty, the multitudes of animals and the serenity are a milestone experience in life.

    Thanks for all you do to give to your community, especially teaching art. My daughter is exceptional in art and science (she’s dyslexic) but it has not been until College that she has had really good art teachers.

    Oh forgive me everyone, I can’t keep from sharing.
    Lauren has always worked her tail off to earn good grades. I’ve been proud of her 3.+ GPAs. This semester was a first: 4.0 (Trig, English Comp, Chemistry and Ceramics) 🙂 🙂

  13. Hi Ginny,

    So glad you jumped into the discussion. You also seem like an awesome person and one that really cares about others and what you believe in. And by the way, it is ok to brag about your kids!
    I get let down by both the rich Democrats and Republicans that I feel could give back to the community, let alone the country and world. Lets face it, their are many rich democrats that have made money and lots of it from the less priviledged and have given little back.

    You are right about the difference in eco-systems and that the permafrost would literally takes decades if not centuries to return. But how do you balance that against such a vital need that this country has? I mainly backpack in the Sierra’s, alomg the John Muir trail and will be doing 50 miles this next summer at Mt. Whitney. I do hope to one day get to your beautiful state of Alaska. By the way, have you ever been to Garden of the Gods in Col Springs? The balanced rock and Steamboat rock were once owned by my great grandfathers. They are infamous for putting up the fence around them to maintain their photo business.

    My last stuff, so everyone sorry. Ginny, thanks for what you do, what you believe in and being such a help as a RN to so many needy people. You have seen a lot, but given help to many. Always know that this Republican does appreciate you.

    Have a Merry Christmas….

  14. Lynn

    As someone who volunteers at a school you should know that there are many single parents who could not get by with out those so called “handouts” – and contrary to popular republican belief, they work, they do their part in society, and many of this country’s poor who rely on “handouts” also work, and volunteer their time just like you.

  15. Pamela,

    Once again to clarify, I am refering to those that feel it is their right to receive without giving back. Many people feel that others or the government owe them, without them doing anything in return, Those that are capable of giving back. I have a single mom in my cub scout den, who had an alcoholic ex husband. She volunteers to help out withthe cub scout pack and around school. Because she does what she can, I pushed to get her son a year membership at no cost and free camp. Not to mention we raised donated food for her family. On the other hand, I have a cub scout mom that is capable, but does not want to help out or give back, but she feels she desreves to be given many things. So tell me, does everyone really deserve handouts? From my experience, no.

  16. Lynn

    The problem is with budgets like we saw today that effect the poor, there is no discerning between who’s giving back and who is not.

    Also sometimes people simply can’t for whatever reason – disabled, etc. So I don’t condone what the republicans are doing in this regard.

  17. Lynn,

    I specifically said a study comparing the two. I don’t know how it would come out, but I think the results would show the Democrats are more consistent, not that no Republicans do any of it. We do think these practices are for everyone, not just Dems. Energy use and conservation
    are not related to drilling in ANWR and never will be????

    And as far as jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. I grew up in a very strong Republican family. I cast my first presidential vote for Richard Nixon. I tried to become active in my Republican precinct in ’88 to support Bob Dole because I had grown up in Kansas and respected him. We were not only NOT welcome, the precinct chair violated our right to register and participate in the caucus. (A state party official called the next day to apologize). I went to the Democratic causcus the next evening and over the next months of going to the local and state party conventions (as a delegate) learned that most of my perceptions and beliefs about the Democrats were inaccurate or wrong. (And, after generations of being Republican, since ’76, the entire family has gone Democrat)

    I work with MANY Republicans and spent over 2 weeks of effort and time last year putting together 2 large notebooks on the election issues with input from all sources: Liberals, Conservatives, GOP , Kerry, Dems. Independents, Libertarians, scientists, religious leaders, government officials, military, and other professionals. The notebooks were in our breakroom and generated a lot of questions and discussions. In order to make the
    Democratic positions clear, I had to be well informed and understand the GOP positions.

    I am quite convinced the misperceptions about Democrats from the media exceed those of the GOP. Frankly, I learned when I was a BROWNIE SCOUT not to trust the media! I was interviewed by a reporter and the published version was WRONG! Subsequent experience (I’ve been above and below the front page fold a few times) has not changed that at all.

    So, do you know many Democrats and have you studied the various Democratic ideas well enough to understand their similarities and differences? The GOP is not as homogenoeous as some like to claim. The Democrats are not as divisive or splintered either.

    Understandably, we all operate out of preconceptions and personal experience which is inevitably skewed. As a sociologist, I know we have to operate that way or life would be overwhelming. We also need to work hard to approach a discussion with an attitude of : “it’s my understanding, perception, etc” And, I am absolutely not consistent about that, try as I might.

    And I firmly believe that adversity makes us stronger. We can overcome the differences and find workable solutions.

  18. Lynn,

    I actually use both Ayn Rand and Jesus as philosophical guides for the ethical conduct of wealth and poverty.

    I respect no one who has earned their wealth by exploiting anyone, nor anyone who expects EVERY individual in society to be able to become independent without some help from their government. Any study that can show the difference of super rich Repbulicans who have or have not honestly earned their wealth and who do or do not give back in kind to the country, compared to Democrats of the same group, would be interesting to learn the numbers and percentages of each. We would probably all be surprised

    Principles and ethics apply to all, not just certain parties, races, businesses, religions, etc. My perception from my own willingness to own up to my mistakes and the response I sometimes get, is that this is not considered respectable, but an indication that you are probably guiltier of more than you admit. While the people who are the guiltiest are more likely to protest their innocence in the face of strong proof.

    There is a difference between the misuse of “entitlements” and the Constitutional “provide for the general WELFARE”.
    One is stupid politics that does not adjust and adapt government programs that need to be improved, not abandoned.(One of the huge misperceptions was of LBJ and the Great Society programs. He honestly believed in tinkering with them until we got them right. Unfortunately, too many other politicians, Dem and GOP, treated them like sacred cows. The Democrats have moved to the idea that the programs need to be better – more effective and accountable – while the GOP is trying to either eliminate or privitize them.)
    The intent of providing for the general welfare as a means of maintaining stability in society adds to our security. It is the poor and hopeless who often resort to violence in order to survive.

    That the wealthier can commit less obvious crimes of extortion, exploitation and government influence peddling to get corporate “entitlements” does not make them any less harmful or destabilizing to the country. Less gruesome in the actual act, more harmful in the interference with the right to pursue happiness. Or achieving a life worth living: good education, challenging work, adequate housing, food, the ability to marry and raise children without assuming an extraordinary expense that raises your risks of being unable to take full responsiblity for you and yours plus limits your ability to give back to your community.

    We have to find the balance between individual freedom and maintaining the only thing that really allows humanity to continue: the social and political groups that we are members of.

  19. Lynn,

    “I think that we need to tap the energy that we have in the U.S. and many of you do not.”

    The point is that we get very little in return. The Department of Energy’s estimates show that ANWR drilling would only reduce the cost of oil by 30 to 50 cents per barrel–lowering prices at the pump by one cent per gallon. I hardly find this to be very meaningful.

  20. “Senate blocks ANWR drilling.”

    Thank god for small (or maybe I should say defensive) victories.