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Right Wingers Falsify History To Justify Bush Crimes

by RonChusid

The willingness of many so-called conservatives to make excuses for the Bush Administration, regardless of the degree to which he tramples upon the Constitution, and regardless of the crimes he commits, appears to have no limits.

In the past week, as an example of either his arrogance or stupidity, George Bush became the first President to admit to committing an impeachable offense. The right wing apologists are trying to excuse Bush’s acts by claiming Clinton and Carter committed similar offenses.

There are two problems with this argument. First, even if Clinton or Carter did violate civil liberties, this would not justify the same by Bush. Secondly, their claims are incorrect, as Think Progress has documented. Bush is unique in authorizing such wire taps on American citizens, for ignoring legally required oversight, and for exercising emergency powers for an extended period of time.

3 Responses to “Right Wingers Falsify History To Justify Bush Crimes”

  1. Thanks Ron,

    Ed Schultz had a conservative caller today who was acutally being very calm and polite in his remarks. This was his argument and I was expecting the debunking from Ed and unfortunately got the same yelling, interupting, and unproductive rant that the Right Wing talk show hosts do.

    If nothing else he could have said, IF Clinton and Carter did this, it was ALSO wrong. I figured there had to be a little GOP blindness to the WHOLE story.

  2. I’m sure it is difficult for people like Ed. It is far easier for the right wingers to come up with arguments since they are willing to make things up. It takes longer to research them to disprove them. This leaves people like Ed hearing the false claims before having a chance to get all the facts.

  3. Ron,

    Very true. I should empathize with Ed. The number of times patients come in who have claims from the snake oil vendors or pharmaceutical commercials, as well as the media and internet, that I have never heard of is getting really uncomfortable.

    This whole thing has unnerved a lot of us. W admits to an impeachable offense, claims it is in his power, and blind followers support him with false claims. Since Scotty’s not around anymore for an appeal to beam me out of here, 🙁 I am looking for a StarGate…