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Radio Alert: John Kerry on The Bill Press Show, Wednesday Morning

by Pamela Leavey

Today, John Kerry did an interview with Bill Press and Christy Harvey for “The Bill Press Show.”

The interview will air Wednesday morning at 8:33 a.m. est, on the Sirius Radio Network.

If “The Bill Press Show” doesn’t air in your market, you can listen in live at www.billpressshow.com, and they will podcast it later in the day.

I am told, that in the interview John Kerry talks about the wiretaps, the PATRIOT Act, ANWR and other things you won’t want to miss!

6 Responses to “Radio Alert: John Kerry on The Bill Press Show, Wednesday Morning”

  1. This should be interesting given the way Press blasted Kerry last month. He called him a wus and lackluster candidate to put it lightly who refused to accept he was a liberal. I wonder how Press feel about Kerry after the interview.Should be interesting to say the least. I was wondering if Kerry was going to do his show.


  2. Kerry has gone in enemy terriory a lot lately. I do remmeber Bill’s comments and others in the past. Murtha for President and dissing Kerry, never hampered by the facts.

    He and Elinor Clift are reliable, well-meaning and smart-sounding bashers, but still deluded libs of the old school.

  3. It was good. Small cheap shot in the end when they wish that Kerry would have said knowing now.. during the campaign and not now it would have made a difference in the election.

  4. Indie, that’s all I caught. Anything else to share.

    I’ve been making the rounds extoling Kerry, and wishing thr liberal media were as fact-based. But always complimentary!

    I want email Press because he’s at the Center, who’s pushing Edwards, along with the Nation. To the extent of not talking about Kerry’s Iraq strategy and talking up a sole op-ed JE probably had help with.

  5. Nothing really. It was just a nice interview. 🙂

  6. Oh, he was talking about ANWAR and the Patriot Act. He was proud of the Senators who stood up for ANWAR.