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Safeguarding Our Way of Life

by RonChusid

Our new friend Dave, who visited us in the comments section, has introduced us to his Klansman like friends in a link in order to argue about the need to safeguard our way of life.

Safeguarding our way of life is what this is all about. I responded with suggestings to help safeguard our way of life and thought I should repost them as a separate blog entry:

1) Effectively fight al Qaeda rather than doing exactly what they wanted in attacking Iraq, while allowing Bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora.

2) Contain Iran rather than helping them out by attacking Iraq.

3) Contain North Korea, rather than stretching our military too thin in Iraq.

4) Do something about the rising cost of health insurance which is resulting in 45 million being uninsured and far more being so under-insured that their coverage is virtually worthless. Plus the cost has made our industries much less competitive. See the recent bankruptcy of Delphi, and the problems General Motors are now facing.

5) Preserve the free market system, rather than having a government based upon corporate welfare which is supporting a handful of large companies as they destroy the small business climate in this country.

6) Help keep jobs at home, rather than giving tax breaks to large corporations which encourage out sourcing of jobs to other countries.

7) Protect the environment. Our way of life is dependent upon clean air and water.

8) Find alternative energy sources, which is important both our economy and our national security.

9) Preserve the tradition of separation of church and state established by our founding fathers. Such separation is the only way to guarantee that your religion will remain free to practice its beliefs.

10) Keep the American way of life open to all. Drop the racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia of your right wing friends who count on the fact that you will vote for them in order to prevent two guys from kissing or getting married, even if it means people will go without health care.

11) Preserve the separation of powers and checks and balances written into the Constitution, which the Bush Administration has been weakening.

11 Responses to “Safeguarding Our Way of Life”

  1. Ron

    I like your ideas much better than Dave’s. They make more sense to me.

  2. I saw Dave posting a link to the dailydem on that right-wing hate site. Maybe more of his little friends will stop by to show off their GOP regurgitation talents.

    Though they maybe they know they only need one to come over. I mean, they all just parrot the exact same things, so one is all you ever need. As Rummy would say, they’re fungible. Just like many of their mirror image kos kids types appear to be…

    BTW, I wish he used a different name 🙁

  3. Oh well. Couple extra and wrong words. Though that’s kinda my MO. Guess maybe I should concentrate on watching the rest of the Giants game instead 😉

  4. Dave from Princeton who is different from Dave,

    Your comment on them all saying the same thing reminds me of once hearing a radio story in which the reporter was getting an opinion from the Communist Party of the United States. After getting one person’s opinion the reporter asked if they could speak to someone else. They got an answer that they could, but they would get the same answer.

    It is amazing how the Republicans of today are so much like the old Communists in terms of uniformity of thought and abuse of government power.

  5. I just checked out Dave’s comment on the hate mongering site he frequents:

    I linked this particular piece to a whiney liberal site that supports Murtha. I tired to get ahold of Murtha the other day, but, being a Texan, I couldn’t ask him why he is such a wuss.

    The lib site is http://blog.thedemocraticdaily.com

    If you want a good laugh, or maybe just someone to pick on, this is the site to visit. The people here are so mind numbbed that it is like they are in a CNN/NY Times Vacuum. Keep up the good work.


    Dave says “mind numbbed.”

    This from a guy who posts absurd material, and then when refuted can’t come up with anything to say other than WRONG. Maybe he thinks that screaming it in caps makes it more forceful.

    Here’s the guy Dave gets his information from:


    We can’t blame poor Dave for being so misinformed about what liberals believe if this is the type of stuff he reads. For example:


  6. Dave from Princeton,

    I caught that earlier comment.

    Only a lib would actually go so low as to try and insult me for sharing my name with you. I hope the other +- 2 Mil with the same name all see things as clearly as you.

  7. Dave

    If you drop crap like that on this blog you can expect people here to react. It’s ugly and hatefilled and quite honestly I don’t want links to such things here. So take it somewhere else.

  8. You do not feel like answering the question I posed to you. Same as Ron.

    You like to distort, ignore, and if all else fails, throw a tantrum.

    You are not answering my question about the wiretapping.

  9. Dave,

    Your question has been answered.

    It is you who have consistently avoided intelligent discussion by resorting to your inane rants.

    Under the circumstances, I can’t blame Dave from Princeton for joking his displeasure with having anything in common with you.

  10. Dave,

    In case you missed it, in addition to answering your question, I followed up with one of my own, after showing that your post consists of incorrect statements. My question was:

    What’s the deal Dave? Are you too stupid to check the facts, too naive to realize that most of what is in the right wing blogs is propaganda devoid of facts to support the Bush administration, or are you knowlingly spreading lies to support Bush?

  11. Dave Says:
    December 20th, 2005 at 8:44 pm

    WTF? I’m not insulting you for sharing my name. I’m embarrassed by it!

    I don’t have any problem with all the other Dave’s. Just ones with the same first name as me mindlessly regurgitating the slop they’ve lapped up, on a blog I frequent. I wouldn’t want something to think you were me. That’s all. Very understandable to any normal person I’d think.

    “I caught that earlier comment.”
    Damn you’re smarter than I thought! And here I thought I’d hidden it pretty well by posting in it public where you wouldn’t see it.