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John Kerry: Romney Should Focus on Massachusetts

by Pamela Leavey

Governor Mitt Romney confirmed last night that Massachusetts yesterday pulled out of a landmark multistate pact to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from Northeast power plants. Rhode Island has also dropped out of the pact, according to two government officials involved in the negotiations.

In a statement today on Romney’s decision John Kerry said: Romney Should Focus on Massachusetts.

“Republican presidential nominating politics should never trump the health of Massachusetts families. By dismissing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Governor Romney is joining the wingnuts in his party who think climate change is a ‘hoax.’ I wish the Governor would listen to sound science that says we have to address this problem, families who want their kids to breathe clean air, and those of us who want to grow the high-skilled jobs Massachusetts needs to stay competitive in technological innovation and environmental protection.”

8 Responses to “John Kerry: Romney Should Focus on Massachusetts”

  1. “Governor Romney is joining the wingnuts in his party who think climate change is a ‘hoax.’”

    “wingnuts” lol! You got that right Senator. Glad to see you calling them what they are. Honesty is always good 🙂

  2. I saw on the news that Romney is NOT running for re-election next year as governor. How he plans to win the GOP nomination in a party as thoroughly southernized as today’s GOP is beyond me.

  3. Nick,

    Yeah I heard the other day he announced he wasn’t running for re-election. Assumed it definitely meant he wanted to be able to concentrate 100% in having to drop out before the 1st primary or the day after. I can’t believe he thinks he has a shot in hell of winning the GOP nomination.

    He was at least smart enough to realize he might have a tad of a problem winning in MA again. After doing his bashing MA routine the last few months trying to score brownie points with the right-wing base. As well as changing where he stands on many issues, I guess he figured he would rather only loose 1 race, instead of pulling a twofer.

  4. Kerry airs quip rapping Romney

    Sen. John F. Kerry took his first pre-presidential election swat at departing Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday for abandoning a plan to substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions. –


  5. Go Get ’em JK!! Romney’s a dirtbag!

  6. Where did he go wrong. His father was a Republican Governor of Michigan, but a liberal Republican. I guess his son sees that to survive in the Republican Party today you have to pander to the far right.

  7. Call me Crazy Kids, but Romney may have a shot at the nomination imo. Romney is a strong fiscal conservative who could appeal to ol school small “government” Repubs. As far as the christian right is concern Romney is tackling the problem right now by the hiring of Gentry Collins who was the executive director of the Iowa GOP. This is of course a strategic move to win the Iowa Caucuses. If Romney can win Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan (BIRTH STATE) than he could have strong momentum in clinching the nomination. The South Carolina Primary will be murder for Romney to win in all honesty. Mitt has several things going for him; lots of money, a powerful position (Republican Governors Association chief), attractiveness. He polite, smart, charming and could easily be marketed by the GOP. Bush was head of the RGA before he was President so Romney is in a comfortable to build a national network. I have a hunch if the Abramoff scandal turn into an inferno for the GOP look for Repub Washington insiders and grassroots to go outside the beltway in 08. Romney will present a strong case for the nomination IMHO. My dream presidential matchup in 08 is Kerry/Romney. Can you imagine the irony of that contest. We not have to worry about that Red state connecting crap and christian values sthick. The quiincher is the fact Romney speaks fluent french lol. Both are aristocrats and the common man playbook of the GOP would be out the window.


  8. “Both are aristocrats and the common man playbook of the GOP would be out the window.”

    Like they really had a common man in 2004 (or any other recent election)