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John Kerry Jokes About Impeachment, Some Bloggers Don’t Get It

by RonChusid

Despite all the stereotypes in the press we are learning once again what we already knew–John Kerry has a sense of humor. When in small groups with friends he talks just like we do, in this case questioning why if Clinton was impeached for misleading the country, Bush might not be impeached for the same should the Democrats take control of Congress.

No big deal, except some bloggers appear to be the ones lacking a sense of humor. We’d expect Rush Limbaugh to come up with his usual nonsense, but I’d expect better from liberal bloggers. After the clarification came out that Kerry was joking, some bloggers are attacking Kerry for not actually calling for impeachment, and taking this as an overall sign of Democratic weakness.

It’s one thing for John Kerry to talk about impeachment in private. As David Wade said in his email response to this report, “Impeachment jokes in Washington are as old as Don Rumsfeld and as funny as Dick Cheney is gruff.” It’s another matter for a Senator to formally call for impeachment at this point. First of all , acts of impeachment are initiated in the House, not the Senate. Secondly, it is premature to call for impeachment before a formal mechanism is initiated to investigate the the crimes.

The proper and sensible course of action is not to call for impeachment at this point but to work to reveal the manner in which Bush has deceived Congress and the country. John Kerry has been doing this, just as he worked to expose the BCCI and Iran Contra scandals. The bloggers who think that calling for impeachment now will increase Democratic votes are spending too much time listening to other liberals and not enough time considering the country as a whole. At the moment, only 32% of the country favors impeachment. While not a good sign for Bush, this is far from enough people to give Democrats control of Congress. I bet a far larger number would support a more general platform supporting holding Bush accountable.

Hey guys, there are real issues out there. I’ve backed John Kerry because of the way he has intelligently looked at these problems and proposed solutions. I don’t care whether he’s joking or serious when bringing up impeachment.

As for the Republicans who are protesting, it would be interesting to hear exactly how they can justify impeaching a President over a private sexual affair and but not for lying the country into a war.

62 Responses to “John Kerry Jokes About Impeachment, Some Bloggers Don’t Get It”

  1. Pamela,

    In his last comment Dave is referring to a link in one of my responses to him where I discussed the link between the War on Christmas and pandering to anti-Semitism. Dave is correct that the article I linked to in that post is written by a Jew, but incorrect in believing that this contradicts the argument that the right wingers are pandering to anti-Semitism.

    As for the blog Dave linked to, we cannot read his mind but I would be very surprised if the guy who wrote that blog isn’t racist and anti-Semetic. He is clearly into gay bashing, which the Republicans preferred to pander to in the last election.

  2. I give up. Sorry that I have wasted everyone’s time including my own.

    I thought that we could trancend both parties’ rhetoric, but I see that cannot be done.

    You, Ron, are clearly worried about anti-Semitism, which is not as prevalent in this country as you would lead others to believe. Iran, on the other hand, in case you hadn’t heard, is the current leader in that department. Are you saying that the media and entertainment industries are not primarily run by Jews, or ethnic Jews? That was one of the points being made in the article your are talking about.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I am sure you could find racism in any statement made by anyone, if you are that sensitive.

    This ended up being disappointing for me. Bush didn’t make anything worse by confronting the problem with the information handed to him by our intelligence, and, by the way, Kerry was privy to all of the same information. Let’s not forget that, or the whitewashing of history that the administration finally came out against.

    If opposing gay marriage is your definition of gay bashing, then I guess you are right. Doesn’t mean that I agree with you.

    My last comment is that, Ron, you seem like a farily smart person capable of intelligent conversation. I wouldlike you to read the book, “Black Rednecks, White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell. He is a black economist at Stanford. If you are interested in reading this, I will give you my email address to get your feedback. But I think our conversation is over unless you decide to read that book. I would never try and change your views, nor could I. But I find that when a difference of opinion is turned into “hate” “defamation” and “gay bashing”, it bores me. It is also below an intelligent indiviual like yourself and Pamela. Thank you for your responses, though.

  3. Dave

    Kerry and other Senators WERE NOT privy to the same intellegence as Bush. See this post here: “Feinstein Releases Nonpartisan CRS Report that Concludes Congress Did Not Have Access to Full Scope of Prewar Intelligence” –

    And read the full report that is linked in the post.

    What on earth does the whether entertainment industry being run by Jews have to do with anything? I read that post and honestly I was disgusted, as I was by other posts on that blog. The guy boasts he’s a white male, conservative christian who owns guns. He bashes gays, and anyone else that is not a conservative christian.

    I find nothing in common with the things he writes about.

  4. Dave

    One final thing, I would suggest you take a good long look at posts here about the media spin, because the Bush administration has whitewashed the facts and history. Take a break from Fox News and CNN and you’ll learn a lot. Bush is the worst president in my lifetime and I’m almost 50. At this point he almost makes Nixon look like a saint.

    I pray for the day when a brave soul such as Daniel Ellsberg was, comes forward with the goods on Bush!

  5. Dave,

    It is you who linked to a blog which promotes such hatred, and therefore raised this issue here.

    I’ve read work by Sowell. While there are some blacks, as well as Jews, who support the Republicans, this does not change the fact that many use racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia to attract votes.

    The use of the gay issue was clearly seen in the 2004 election, and there are clear signs that as the Republicans get desperate they turn more to racism and anti-Semitism.

    It’s no coincidence that the red states overlap so strongly with the former slave states and territories:


    We don’t often get a chance to hear what GOP leaders say behind closed doors when they forget others may hear. Check out the transcripts to the Nixon tapes for an example.

  6. Dave,

    As for Kerry:

    First of all he did not have the same informaiton, as was proven in a Congressional investigation released just last week.

    Secondly, with the information Kerry had, he advised non-military measures to resolve the problem and opposed Bush in going to war.

  7. Pamela,

    Speaking of media spin, while going thru the archives at the Unofficial Kerry Blog to find the link to the map in my post to Dave above, I also found this interesting item:


  8. We see again where Dave gets his inability to coherently discuss the issues. Checking back at the hate-site he links to, I see in the comments that Dave gave a link to here. The blogger at the site gives him advice such as, “These are the same people that DON’T want anything good to come out Iraq because it then would make the Bush Administration look good, and they can’t have that either.”

    Just as Dave does, he attributes views to us which we do not hold and have never expressed here.

    They have no interest in discussing issues. They’d rather just make up what we believe and then attack those straw men.

  9. Are you then saying that you do what something good to come of Iraq? By the way I haven’t visited that site since I left that information.

    Harkening back to your comment:
    While there are some blacks, as well as Jews, who support the Republicans, this does not change the fact that many use racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia to attract votes.

    No one is using these things in hopes of attracting votes. A reasonable person would be disgusted by such a notion.

    I HAVE answered your questions as you attempted to blast them at me.

    In response to the GOP spending, how much went to the war, the disasters in both the Indian Ocean and on our own shore? How much was doled out in an attempt to placate the far left of your party in supplementing drug costs?

    I take no one’s advice. I have a mind as do you. Quit trying to spin what I say. I have conceded to you on at least one point, but all that does is fuel you instead of discussing.

  10. Dave,

    If you believe that the Republcans have not been using racism and homophobia to get votes you are really wearing blinders.

    You’ve said virtually nothing to defend your positions here.

    GOP spending went up before the war and other items you mention. Don’t try to pass this off on others–Republicans have been the promoters of big government spending despite their rhetoric.

  11. Dave,

    If you have a mind of your own, and if you really are disgusted by the prospect of using racism and attacks on gays to attract votes, why would you link to (or even read) a site which shows such hatred for blacks, Jews, gays, liberals, and everone who doesn’t look and think exactly like the author?

  12. Nice Post.

    That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!