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John Kerry: Senate Holding Our Troops and Hurricane Victims Hostage to Big Oil Interests

by Pamela Leavey

CQ Today reported yesterday that “Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said hurricane disaster relief would be put on the same bill as ANWR – either the budget savings package or on the Defense appropriations bill (HR 2863).”

Stevens chairs the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. “It’s going to be awfully hard to vote against [hurricane aid],” Stevens said. “If it’s in there, maybe people will vote with me on ANWR.”

John Kerry responded today that the Senate is holding our Troops and Hurricane Victims hostage to Big Oil Interests:

“It’s appalling that the United States Senate is willing to hold our troops and hurricane victims hostage to their desperate attempts to satisfy big oil and drill in the Arctic Refuge. There’s no more infuriating example of this Congress putting corporate welfare over the public good. No wonder Americans are fed up with Washington. The American people aren’t interested in selling off America’s wilderness to the Republicans’ buddies at the oil companies. It’s time for Congress to end these backroom special interest deals and instead use the remaining hours of session to do right by our troops and the people of the Gulf Coast who have sacrificed so much.”

3 Responses to “John Kerry: Senate Holding Our Troops and Hurricane Victims Hostage to Big Oil Interests”

  1. Ted Stevens is just plan NUTS! It would be one thing if Alaska was sitting on top of a gaint oil reserve such as say of I don’t know, LIKE IRAQ!!! But it’s not. The amount amount of oil in ANWAR is just not worth the effort.

    Ted, it’s time to go to The Senator’s Home!

  2. The dems need to be on any talk show, news program telling the american people what he is trying to do.
    I’m against ANWR drilling because I don’t believe there is a significant amount of oil worth destroying land, water and animals for.

    First tax payers have to pay for a 200+ million dollar bridge for 50 people and now we have to put up with stevens trying to hijack the troops and Katrina survivors for his kicks.

  3. This whole thing really stinks. I’m blown away by the article in CQ.