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Kerry Calls For Removal of Rumsfeld

by RonChusid

Raw Story reports on the following call from John Kerry for the removal of Rumsfeld following Rumsfled’s speech on Iraq today:

“Secretary Rumsfeld today sent dangerous mixed signals about Iraq. Does the Defense Secretary really just throw up his hands and accept that on-going terrorist attacks are inevitable in Iraq for the foreseeable future? Is he now admitting that the Bush Administration’s mistakes have made Iraq what it was not before the war, a haven for terrorists?

“The President owes it to our troops serving in Iraq to remove Secretary Rumsfeld and replace him at the Pentagon with a Defense Secretary who understands the situation on the ground in Iraq and who will advance, not undermine, American values around the world.

“Brave American troops are serving heroically under very difficult circumstances. Time and again, they have been put in greater danger by the mistakes of this Secretary of Defense who refuses to tell the truth about what is happening in Iraq and pushes aside anyone who dares speak truth to power. The mistakes are stacked one upon another. The Pentagon is reported to be paying Iraqi newspapers to carry ghostwritten news stories, undermining American credibility. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had to publicly correct Secretary Rumsfeld because he didn’t think American troops had an obligation to stop torture.

“We need a fresh start at the Pentagon for the good of American troops, so brave Americans stop paying the terrible price of this Defense Secretary’s mistakes.”

9 Responses to “Kerry Calls For Removal of Rumsfeld”

  1. And then I read the comments. If there ever is a way to diss Kerry, and promote Dean, they will find it. Never enough to use firm words, Kerry has to be in full battle gear, ready to punch out someone’s lights. Never a rumor they don’t like.

    Guess that’s presidential.

  2. It looks like there’s far more negative comments on Lieberman than Kerry today, in light of the rumors that Bush might offer Rumsfeld’s job to Lieberman.

  3. Were those rumors real enough about Lieberman to be mentioned, or a Schieffer ploy for headlines, and different than what we’d like?

  4. Is this Lieberman idea a possible attempt to spread the war problems more broadly across the political parties. Having him in that hot seat might be the administrations’ way of blurring the current view. Right now it definitely is “clearly” being viewed by Americans as the administration/Republican problem. With Lieberman involved, they may hope to soften the tough critiques by Democrats. They have to be feeling and seeing the wrath of these critiques on their polls, etc. While many liberal and moderate Dems in the public don’t seem to care too much for Lieberman (I know I don’t)…the Dem reps and senators may hold back on attacking him too strongly if he took on this job. Just an idea…someone with more knowledge on Lieberman, please inform. To me he (Lieberman) does not seem qualified for that job?! What are they thinking? Sounds like a mess…well, anything seems better than what’s going on now.

    Yeah! Kerry’s comments regarding firing of Rumsfeld on CNN’s Situation Room just highlighted. Full story to follow later on the show.

  5. Sorry folks I have problems with my DSL today and had intermitent access to the internet. Now finally able to download my emails – I find this press release.

  6. How long ago had Kerry asked for Rumsfeld to go? Nearly two years?

  7. I don’t recall when the first time was, but he had definatley done so long before the 2004 election.

  8. Marjorie

    I don’t know, quite some time it seems.


    A lot of good it will do us to elect a Democrat president if it means he’s a conservative. Check out this nugget from WaPo at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/12/04/AR2005120401158.html.

    Apparently Evan Bayh is planning to run for president and according to Wapo “Two words: presidential politics. Bayh is an all-but-announced candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and his leadership political action committee — All America PAC — raised $1.2 million in the first six months of the year, more than the leadership PAC of any other potential 2008 contender except Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.). The money can be transferred to a presidential committee.”

    I thought Kerry’s PAC was raising the most money at this point? I could be wrong. Or maybe the Washington Post is doing what it does best: Kissing the rear end of economically conservative Democrats-while giving JK the shaft almost as much as dKos does.