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Cheney-Rove Dupe Kos At It Again

by RonChusid

Kos is at it again. He’s attacked Kerry in the past for taking on the Republican Congressional leadership and for criticizing Bush on the war. Today’s he’s attacking Kerry again following his rebuttal to Bush’s statement today.

It is beyond me why he is so compelled to attack Kerry for promoting positions he otherwise claims to hold, typically with fabrications and misquotes every bit as dishonest as what we typically see from the Bush White House.

The Republican one-party government already is hard to fight with the support they get from the Republican Noise Machine. We sure don’t need people like Kos doing their work for them.

27 Responses to “Cheney-Rove Dupe Kos At It Again”

  1. Ron, what is the specifics on this one?

  2. Ron,

    Thanks for posting. Clearly kos has some sort of vendetta against Kerry.

  3. The Kos version is that JK usurped Rood today and stole the limelight forced his way into the press conference. LOL!

  4. Marjorie, it is a front page post at dailykos. I don’t blame Ron for not giving it a link. The post title is “Kerry bogarts the limelight” – it goes downhill from there, basically asserting that Reed was supposed to give the rebuttal to Bush’s speech today, and that Kerry inserted himself in some “devious” way…like there was any “limelight” to be had in the first place.

    It is really a stupid post. Of course kos gives no evidence whatsoever for his assertion. But the kos-bots jump on the bandwagon like Pavlov’s dogs hearing the bell. (ok I may be mixing metaphors there. time for bed…)

  5. One of these days Teresa is going to walk into their kitchen and find that Kos has boiled a bunny.

    What IS this obsession of his?

  6. Erica

    LOL! I can’t imagine spending that much time and energy writing about someone you don’t like. What a waste of resources when there is so much to do within the dem party.

  7. What the HELL is wrong with Kos and all those people over there?

    I suspect a lot of them are bent out of shape Deaniacs.

  8. BW,

    Yup, they still think Dean would have won if us duped Dems had not pushed Kerry because he was “electable”.
    (regardless of how many unaligned voters went to the polls and chose him over Dean)

    Lotsa speculation on this, seems to me Kos was kicked out of one of the blogosphere status positions because of a position taken that was not supported. Basically the stupid give the wingnuts something to shot us with arguments.

    And they are scared because Kerry is still out there getting attention and messages out that are starting to resonate and be recognized. Those of us who knew him well before are pretty much in the, so are you ready to look a little harder and clearer at JK or are you going to continue the tantrum into the ’08 election? Or, for those of us who have been at this long enough: GROW UP or SHUT UP

    I rarely go over there without regretting the time, it just reinforces how little intelligent discussion goes on. Far more responses with very few words or little to say except regurgitation of the tired arguments that no one else will listen to. I’m sure they see us the same way 🙂

  9. Jealousy and being left out of the loop, kids. Markos is small time. Kerry wouldn’t bother with the likes of him.

    Some classy people are lining up behind Kerry. Tom Hayden, Gary Hart, and others. There are many more to come. He has a lot of appeal to a wide variety of people and he’s coming into his own now. People are starting to like his calm, his logic, his insight, his know-how, his sincerity, and his concern. He appeals to people with confidence. A lot of men like him. And of course, womens’ hearts beat fast around him.

    Besides, he adores the spotlight.

  10. Kerry on, my little racoons.

  11. Ron,

    I am beginning to wonder more and more what is kos’s goal.

    The choice of the Democrats he chooses to attack and of the subjects he chooses to ignore is amazing.

    Here, he says that Reed had a better message, but Reed is saying that the troops cannot withdraw soon and is not acknowledging that the presence of troops is part of the problem. Is it kos’s message right now that we should stay in Iraq to fix the mess and not speak about withdrawal? He makes me very confused about what he stands for.

  12. Besides being out of the loop with Kerry, it is possible it still relates to having his blog link removed from the official campaign blog for his comments supporting the killing of paid Americans working in Iraq.

  13. Mass,

    It has nothing to do with message. He always starts with the premise that Kerry is wrong and attacks from there, even if this leaves him opposing positions he otherwise promotes.

  14. Looking back at the posts from yesterday, there is a clear connection between this and an earlier post.

    With his use of unnamed sources (which most likley exist only in his head), as well as with the way in which Kos has often misquoted Kerry in his attacks, it would be accurate to say that Kos has been Swiftboating Kerry.

  15. Well, I just saw Kerry on the Today show and he was masterful in his responses to Matt Lauer. Mary Matalin, on the other hand, was shrill and unpleasant in her response to Katie Couric. And why is it that the Bush women–like Mary and Karen–always have their lips pursed like loud mean girls in the fifth grade??

  16. Ron

    Kos has been on the attack with JK from the beginning. I feel it’s beyond the link was really rather irrelevant in the scheme of larger things. I agree his actions are tantamount to swiftboating.

  17. Erica

    LOL! Love the “Fatal Attraction” reference. Don’t be surprised that if Kos ever does boil somebody’s bunny its because the bunny was a DLC Iraq War supporter. I can’t believe I used to spend time over at that blog. Kos really is just a “useful idiot”- useful if your Karl Rove of course.

  18. Pamela,

    Initially Kos’s attacks were likely motivated by the pay checks from the Dean campaign, but that doesn’t explain why he continues. Maybe having his link removed is the reason, but there’s no way to know why he does what he does.

  19. Late to the game but….

    Kos may not be lying. Some of his fellow Deaniacs in DC probably are unhappy with JK for being a part of what was (in their fantasies)supposedly a Jack Reed only press conference.

    In order for Kos’ logic to be correct, Jack Reed would have to be a cowardly former captain and Harry Reid powerless. The same Reid, who according to another unsourced rumor championed by Kos a few months ago, basically let JK know he was running the Senate show at some closed-door meeting with labor reps. We don’t know what really happened in that meeting but I do know that Harry Reid is not the wilting flower this latest Kos bashfest makes it seem. Which makes it highly unlikely what he is saying is true.

    The boy’s on crack, imo. If Jack Reed, a former military captain, didn’t want JK at “his” press conference – he wouldn’t have been there, period. Give me break. Captains respect authority and chain of command and if Reed knew Reid didn’t want JK at the press conference and in fact wanted to headline his own as Senate Minority Leader, the Reed-JK press conference would probably not have taken place.

    Also, if Reed was planning a press conference, he had ample time to get the word out as the release on the Reed-JK press conference was sent late in the day.

    Reid did the only thing he planned to do yesterday, send a news release statement criticizing Shrub’s laughable Victory for Iraq plan (which was sent by the way before Shrub concluded his speech and before JK and Reed’s press conference). Reid, at this point, can’t hold a press conference on Iraq because the Senate Dem Leadership hasn’t adopted an agreed upon exit strategy. What’s he going to say if asked the inevitable, “so what’s the Dem plan?” JK is the only one with a plan with benchmarks for troop withdrawal. All the other Dem plans range from get out now to a vague stay the course.

    For all Kos know, Jack Reed wanted JK there because he likes his strategy. They are from neighboring states, former Vietnam Vets, close in age. Maybe just maybe JR likes JK? They could even be – gasp! – friends. Who woulda thunk it?

    So, while I do not doubt those Dems (in D.C. and online) who never liked JK because they supported another Dem primary candidate and hate that JK is still getting attention for the good works he is doing, I seriously doubt the validility of what Kos is saying. Logically it doesn’t make much sense.

    Year-old sour grapes. That’s all it is.

  20. I just went over to Kos. The amount of venom and unreality of what we faced is irresponsible, considering these posters supposedly care about our country and how to fix it.

    I’m hoping that our Dems being covered by the media, finally, their counter-productive BS will be shown for what it is.

  21. The Kos Klowns are also out in force in the comments at Pre$$stitutes, responding to a post defending Kerry. They even include a link back to Kos–not that this is necessary to tell where they are coming from.

  22. It looks like Daily Kos and Townhall.com are now on the same side.

  23. Ron, looking at Tim Chapman’s bio on Townhall.com, he worked for the Heritage Foundation and Don Nickles of OK. Proof positive that Daily Kos is used as part of the GOP spin.

    Presstitutes’ comments were very Kos-like. I don’t understand all this. Can’t all be resentment from primaries, but very much an unreality about what elections and governing are all about.

  24. I think Kerry is connected in some very high places that many are left out of. His emerging influence is a threat and this effort to thwart him is proof of just how much is at stake. They could easily ignore him which would be the greatest insult. Maybe some genuine shifts of power are occurring and people are not sure yet where the cards will fall. You can already see the alliances forming. A lot will be revealed as this election year unfolds.

    So this babble fron Kos is actually a good sign. And they are powerless against him.

  25. Always can rely on you, Teresa, for finding the positive. Thanks.

  26. Marjorie,

    Any time at all.

    Although I am an optimist, after the Iraq invasion I despaired and came back into politics. I knew without a doubt there were troubled waters ahead.
    But now, my optimism has returned, and even though we have a long hard road to better times, I think we have started the journey.
    Kerry is pivotal, and as much as people try to resist, he is here to stay. I am certain we are going to witness a beautiful steady rise from him, so well earned, so patiently timed, and those who don’t get it now, eventually will.

    I just let them go on in their own way since I know they can’t hurt Kerry. And as I figured, the media is coming around because he is the emerging story. And his plan for Iraq is the only one that is explained clearly. People are worried and want a solution. He’s got it. The cameras will automatically follow him more and more. And the worst has been said about him already, so I would like to see a balanced view of him aired. He is above the fray, which is what frustrates them so much. In a way I’m glad he doesn’t have blind devotion. That’s what we have to get away from.

    One by one, people will understand that Kerry is good for this country.

  27. Teresa

    On the money.


    It’s hard to figure why Kos and others do what they do. They obviously see JK as a threat. I think Teresa is right in her reasonings.

    We need to continue doing what we are doing here. Sane, commonsense conversations about what is happening around us. Everyday people find this blog searching for infor about JK. People see what he is doing. People want to know.