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Bush: We’re Not Going to Cut and Run

by Pamela Leavey

Speaking in El Paso, TX earlier today Bush once again reiterated his worn out “We’re not going to cut and run” line. (Listen to Bush mouthing his worn out line here.)

In a bit of an about face from the recent echoes from the Pentagon that an exit strategy is in the works, Bush made it clear he’s not listening to the consensus of the American public. Rumsfeld did a bit of flip flop himself today when he backed up Bush’s tired line.

Quitting is not an exit strategy,” Rumsfeld said at a Pentagon news conference.

On the other hand, Rumsfeld made clear that the time has arrived to wean the Iraqis of their dependence on American support for security — whether it’s guarding Iraq’s borders or protecting its power plants.

“They have to do it for themselves,” Rumsfeld said. “There isn’t an Iraqi that comes into this country and visits with me that doesn’t say that. They know that. They know that they’re the ones that are going to have to grab that country. And it’s time.”

Talk about mixed signals… Tomorrow, Bush is expected to outline his administration’s “strategy for giving Iraqi forces increasing responsibility for the security of their country.”

Dan Froomkin notes in the WaPo, that Bush’s speech tomorrow is before a “captive audience.”

What does it say about the president of the United States that he won’t go anywhere near ordinary citizens any more? And that he’ll only speak to captive audiences?

President Bush’s safety zone these days doesn’t appear to extend very far beyond military bases, other federal installations and Republican fundraisers.

Tomorrow, Bush gives a speech on the war on terror — at the United States Naval Academy.

UPDATE: John Kerry and Jack Reed will hold a press conference on Iraq tomorrow after Bush’s speech – more on that here.

5 Responses to “Bush: We’re Not Going to Cut and Run”

  1. How is Bush going to defend his rhetoric when he begins to pull troops out next year, as every annalist military and civilian believes he will? Will he be considered a flip-flopper? Hopefully the democrats will use that phrase, and give him some of his own medicine.

  2. Tripp

    It does seem that Rummy did quite the flip flop today in defending Bush. Yes, I agree we need to turn the flip flop label back on them.

  3. Don’t re-enforce that change of opinion is bad. I just want him to admit he’s turning course because he screwed up.

  4. Marjorie

    I hope will even admit to changing the course tomorrow. Today it sure did not sound like that is what he intends.

  5. Victory in Iraq? What in the world is Shrub thinking? This isn’t a football game!

    If we can get the troops out without a civil war totally enveloping the place (not that there’s one going on already), we should call it good. Victory? Good luck.

    I believe the ‘mission’ is done. No WMD – turn the place over to the U.N. or the Arab League.