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Bush – Slouching Toward Withdrawal

by Pamela Leavey

Thomas Oliphant takes a look at the differences between the Iraq plans in his column today as he tells us that Bush is “Slouching toward withdrawal.”

AMONG THE ”benchmarks,” the dates certain, and the dates uncertain for the withdrawal of US forces from the mess President Bush has made of Iraq, there are two important questions:

Are these alternatives to a wretched situation really alternatives? And how much difference is there really among them and between them and Bush’s secretive, deceiving status quo?

Oliphant in noting the various proposal’s on the table states that “Kerry’s position, however, was unusual among Democrats, who as the ”out” party tend to be all over the map on the issue, reflecting the public’s ambivalence as much as their party’s disarray.”

Oliphant’s conclusion on the ever growing debate:

The politicians here are not so much proposing alternatives as attempting to pressure Bush on behalf of a restive public that prefers the truth and wants results from a clear policy next year. It should be obvious, but needs emphasizing, that Congress is not going to legislate an end to the US involvement over Bush’s objection…

The real gulf is between the pressure for a decisive turn next year and an indefinite commitment from an untrustworthy administration. If it is not bridged by results or changes in policy, Bush’s troubles will only deepen.

4 Responses to “Bush – Slouching Toward Withdrawal”

  1. Denver got to host W’s slouch today. I had an appointment during the scheduled protest. MoveON was collecting signatures for the specific plan/goals.

    This is definitely a part of W’s bubble. Just say it will happen and someone will do it. No leadership required. At least not inthe ususal definition of leadership.

    Here’s a site that offers an end point:


    I prefer to think it could be less than 500

  2. I’m sure it will be very similar to Nixon’s secret plan for winning the war and getting the troops out of Vietnam before his re-election campaign. You can bet this will drag on until next fall so the Republicans can use it to get re-elected. It’s all talk and no walk!

  3. Bruce,

    Exactly, maybe this time the kids won’t be as easily swayed as I was on my first vote. (Still feel the pain of that burned hand)

  4. Bruce

    It does appear that’s the plan – twist and turn and draw it out – see my post above.