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John Kerry on the Ed Schultz Show

by Pamela Leavey

John Kerry was just on the Ed Schultz Show a while ago. Hat tip to europegirl4jfk on DU for grabbing the clip.

It was an excellent interview about Iraq, Murtha and more… an absolute must listen…

Listen here(WMP) or here (MP3).

“There’s mud being thrown, but I’ve got news for you, it’s one directional mud.” — on the Bush administration’s accusations

“These guys are living in an unbelievable land of illusion.” — on Iraq

18 Responses to “John Kerry on the Ed Schultz Show”

  1. Very nice!

  2. Well said, I listen to Ed Schultz alot and I am very glad to here John Kerry back on the show, its been a while.

  3. Haven’t downloaded yet, but I’m generally upset with the genuinely important and emotional punch that Murtha has provided obscuring the hopeful and reasonable approach of Kerry, as a for instance.

    Lefties always gravitate towards anger, and the pundits have misunderstood and exaggerated the differences with all the wonderful viewpoints out there.

    Can’t wait to hear this.

  4. I just called the show’s producer because I didn’t see the link. Seems the date doesn’t indicate the date aired, and that takes a day or two. Hope that’s true.

    For today, I saw Biden, Obama, etc.

  5. I know there are FAR more important things, but since it only takes a second… anyone care to help Kerry make it above 2% on Kos’s last 2008 poll for the year? http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/11/21/12234 7/52

  6. correct link: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/11/21/122347/52

  7. Marjorie

    I lucked out and someone on DU had grabbed it. Hopefully Ed Schultz will have it on the website soon. It was very good interview. Amazing how JK comes across with a friendly interviewer.

  8. I’m loving this. Going around this month and telling the public all that he said for a couple of years that never got out and through. A correction tour.

  9. Kos is probably anybody but Kerry at the moment and forever. Clark and Feingold perceived as the true anti-war, whatever that is, and Warner when someone thinks we need a conservative and southerner. Tiresome.

  10. Majorie,

    The Correction Tour 🙂 🙂 Excellent!

    I like it too.

  11. Great interview. I still cannot beleive tihs man is not President of this country.

  12. I just listened again. Awesome interview.

    I think we all feel the same thing Sandrakae.

  13. I’m glad to see Big Eddie had JK on his show. It was a good interview. I gotta tell you, I’ve heard some not so nice things from Ed about Kerry.
    But now that I think about it, perhaps it was Kerry as senator and not as potential presidential condidate that made Ed a congenial host?

  14. Didn’t I hear that Ed said he was tired of the Swifties and in favor instead of Hillary? As if the Monica jokes will be such great fun.

  15. I thought and JK were enjoying themselves. No snark from ED, both of them laughing.

    Ed’s been more favorable lately to JK – so has Randi Rhodes. Sam Seder was an ass tonight on the Majority Report however.

  16. Ed Schultz is a very very good link. He is unusual with a lot of common sense. He used to be a Republican and he knows these people well. He has a lot of appeal across a wide spectrum and he stands alone so he can’t be criticized as typical Leftie. He is emotional without ever appearing looney. His audience is wide and diverse. His moderation is good for all of middle and Western America.

    If he is warming up to Kerry, this is a mighty good sign.

  17. My name is Tank, I do the sound and audio for the Ed Schultz Show. I am glad everyone enjoyed Ed’s interview with Senator Kerry.

    I’ve started to post highlights from the show, including this weeks interview with Senator Kerry, and will be updating the audio daily.

    The audio can be grabbed at our website:


    I hope you all continue to listen to the show!


  18. Tank

    Thanks for stopping by The Democratic Daily!

    I enjoy Ed Schultz’s show tremendously, especially the Kerry interview. I look forward to Ed having Senator Kerry on again.

    Keep those highlights of the show coming. I’ll bookmark the page.