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Not Such Hard Work for Bush

by RonChusid

Who says being president is hard work? Apparently it isn’t very hard for George Bush, who is going to his Texas ranch for several weeks. According to USA Today, this will be “the president’s 50th trip to the ranch since he was elected nearly five years ago.”

13 Responses to “Not Such Hard Work for Bush”

  1. Nice 10 trips to the ranch a year… now that is indeed hard work!

    George W is a disgrace to the US.

  2. Can’t help it… every time I think of that phase “hard work” coupled with GWB’s saying it, Dylan’s Hard Rain lyrics come to mind…

    “And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard,
    It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

  3. Maybe George remembers how the Constitutional Congress and the Continental Congress fled Philadelphia every August… he’s just doing what the founding fathers did : fleeing yellow fever and cholera :O

  4. KJ

    Is it lyrics time? I do believe that Ron has made this Entertainment Saturday…

  5. Ginny

    Somehow I doubt W even knows what the Constitutional Congress was!

  6. Pamela,

    George knows very well, he’s just a champion at selective memory loss.

    Speaking of entertainment. The cocktail hour last night was wonderful – except I was too late, of course. (Tonight we are avoiding the q word, no reason to tempt superstition) Anyway, the last post has a really great
    recipe for fresh strawberries (in wine:)


  7. Ginny

    I saw that recipe for fresh strawberries and wine and copied it. It looks yummy. Now I just need to find someone to entertain.

    I wonder if George might forget he is president and never return from the ranch?

  8. Pamela,

    What, your mother never told you to entertain yourself???

    I have this immage of his closest advisors taking turns reminding him that being President STARTS at the election. You HAVE to show up.

    We, of course, would add “And do something productive, responsible”

    Maybe that’s his problem. He doesn’t flip flop, he changes definitions…

    He needs a dictionary…

    Ok, I only have about 80 minutes left of this shift. What could happen in 80
    minutes?? This is unbelievable. ITS QUIET No IV alarms, bed alarms, every one is pretty well tucked in and ALL MY CHARTING IS DONE. WOW

  9. Ginny

    LOL! That’s what Blogging is… entertainment. I love social cocktails but hate to drink alone.

    W has never been responsible. Laura would have to explain the defintion.

    It seems the world is quiet tonight Ginny. Thankfully.

  10. Further proof that, contrary to GOP talking points, Bush does NOT represent the “average” According to researcher and FORMER Republican strategist, Kevin Phillips, As recently as the 1970s, the average American worked 40 hours a week. By 1999 the average American worked 49!! hours a week. One suspects that this number is over 50 now. In addition, Phillips posits in his 1993 book Boiling Point how American in the 1980s and (to today according to the Labor Dept.) that Americans (in the agregate) spend less time vacationing now than in the 1970s.
    I don’t miss bell bottoms, Studio 54, most (but not all) disco songs, “progressive” rock, or double digit inflation, or high gas prices (wait a minute that’s come back!!!). But I do miss
    25% unionization rate (1979)
    Growing, not shrinking, rates of Americans with health insurance
    A minimum wage that paid above the poverty line
    Southern populism (think Jimmy Carter and Ben Jones)
    windfall profits taxes
    Decent rock albums a la Born to Run, The Stranger, and Damn the Torpedoes, just about anything done by Stevie Wonder, etc.
    and other things I can’t remember but I would be able to remember if I could (like many Americans in the 1970s) go on vacation.

  11. Anonoymous was me, Nick

  12. Nick

    I had a feeling it was you. No one else quotes statistics like you!

  13. I had planned my vacation to Texas to see my daughter on the 13th of August.Much to my dismay;mothers of fallen soldiers will be protesting at dubya ranch this Saturday. Unlike Bush;who can just take a vacation whenever he feels like it; I could not change mine.

    I would of been glad to go to his ranch with the true american people who are actually getting off their butts and trying to hold this administration accountable.

    They are asking for other americans to join them………..God bless them!