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How To Blog

by RonChusid

We’ve been faking it for a while, but it looks like the reference we may (or may not) need is coming out in January:

Blogging for Dummies

11 Responses to “How To Blog”

  1. Ha ha!


    I call myself “The Accidental Blogger”. Never set out to be one, got sucked into the whirlwind from the Kerry campaign and never looked back.

    Proudly I can say I found my way through the “set-up” phase of the DemDaily without any guides for “Dummies”…

    Thanks for the Saturday humor!

  2. I know how to use the comment button on some blogs, not all of them. 😀

  3. KJ

    What’s a comment button?

  4. Pamela,

    First, get some green tea… then, sit quietly in front of your keyboard and listen to me very carefully.

    Ready? 🙂

    Okay. Now, when you see a “Comment” link (usually below) a blog, click on that, whether it says “1400 comments” or “No comments.” Scroll to the bottom. Type in the white space provided. Then click the “Submit Comment” button and voila! You will have added a comment to the blog.

    You will very soon become famous as a poster, even if you are a troll. (Troll is an internet term. We’ll need more tea to cover that discussion, or maybe even an appletoonie.)

    You don’t have to pay me for the above lesson. LOLOLOL *ahem*

  5. I should have said above, “READ me very carefully.” *insert rolling eyes here*

    Honestly, if I can’t use proper internet terminology, what business do I have giving lessons on how to use the “Comment” button?


  6. KJ

    Your instructions were quite clear… I ran off to nap. LOL! I was up late finishing a good book last night. 😉

  7. Pamela,

    Napping is good. People need to take more naps.

    KJ’s cat


  8. KJ

    It’s hard for humans to get any work done if they nap. That’s why cats take so many naps, they don’t have jobs. LOL! Except for barn cats that is. But I’ve seen many of them sleeping on the job.

  9. Pamela, my cat would argue the above point with you. She believes she has a job… to be “the” goddess entity served by two humans. Keeping us in line, making sure we feed her, keep her window shades open, pillows fluffed, play games with her, not to mention the middle-of-the-night wake up and pet her routine. She says it is exhausting work, but we have come along way.


  10. KJ

    LOL! Ron just posted about hard work above.

    Our cat Zeus believes that he is the Thunder God himself wrecking havoc everywhere he can.

  11. “LOL! Ron just posted about hard work above.” Just saw that… cracked me up!

    Good for Zeus. He’s just doing his job. 😉