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Not Enough Sleaze

by RonChusid

The New York Times Book Review of The Truth About Hillary hits the book in an area where other reviewers haven’t gone. Not only is the book devoid of any value as an information source, it doesn’t even rank very high in its “genre” according to Joe Queenan.

As an expert on sordid nonfiction, I would not put ”The Truth About Hillary” anywhere near the top of my list; it pales by comparison with Geraldo Rivera’s sublimely vile autobiography, ”Exposing Myself,” and seems demure, nuanced and levelheaded by comparison with masterpieces of partisan venom like the 60’s cold-war classic ”None Dare Call It Treason.”

No, I am not suggesting that Edward Klein is a fair, balanced, persuasive, scrupulously honest reporter or a gifted writer. Resorting to chilling Rip Van Winklisms like ”Bill and Hillary often grooved the night away at Cozy Beach, spinning the latest Jefferson Airplane platters,” Klein sometimes sounds like a cryogenically preserved Maynard G. Krebs. Like, dig: the cat is far out.

What I am saying is that if Klein purposely set out to write the sleaziest, most derivative, most despicable political biography ever, he has failed both himself and his readers miserably. ”The Truth About Hillary” is only about the 16th sleaziest book I have ever read. Though, in fairness to the author, reading creepy, cut-and-paste books is my hobby.

I wonder where the books from the Swift Boat Liars would fall in this ranking.

3 Responses to “Not Enough Sleaze”

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  3. Hi Rita

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