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Alito is Mighty Scary

by Pamela Leavey

Nothing could be scarier this Halloween than the nomination of Samuel “Scalito” Alito to the Supreme Court. Where do we start with the bad news on Alito? Knightridder reports, “Many of Alito’s rulings have been at odds with Supreme Court.”

Samuel Alito once wrote that employees who allege sex discrimination ought to have a tougher time proving their claims. The Supreme Court disagreed.

Alito once argued that Congress hadn’t granted state workers the family-leave benefits that are mandated for other employees. The high court rejected his thinking again.

And Alito, now President Bush’s choice to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, once embraced a standard that would make it harder to punish water polluters. But the Supreme Court didn’t go along.

In Alito’s 15 years of rulings on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, many of his interpretations of federal law and the Constitution are at odds with established thinking and practice, and ultimately they’ve been rejected by large majorities on the high court he hopes to join.

Alito’s most aggressive opinions – on everything from abortion and civil rights to gun control and federal authority – are already drawing fire from the critics lining up to oppose his confirmation. And they’ll likely be a focus of the debate on the Senate floor.

Supremem Court watchers say that Alito’s conservatism “often takes shape in opinions that attempt to push the law closer to his ideals, rather than simply reflect it.”

It’s an approach that could be difficult to define as restrained – the philosophy preferred by many conservatives. And that could leave Alito open to charges that he’s an activist.

Alito, a Catholic, is opposed to abortion. His 90-year-old mother was forthright in telling reporters in New Jersey. TalkLeft has more on that here. As an appeals court judge, he held that states can require women seeking abortions to notify their spouses. The Supreme Court disagreed.

This is not one we want to sit back on and wait and see. We need to be proactive on this. Contact your Senators and let them know how you feel about Alito. We can’t afford to let him get on the bench.

People For The American Way have a petition here: Tell Your Senators to OPPOSE Alito.

PFAW also has a 24 page preliminary report available here.

2 Responses to “Alito is Mighty Scary”

  1. He doesn’t scare me.

    I’ve reached my limit with them pulling my fear strings.

    I’m inclined to think this is a game to appease the far right and that they have no intention of him getting on. Their problem is the center now. If he’s rejected, then they can go on to the moderate they need to stop the political ruin and the stupid right will never catch on.

  2. This guy is kinda like Libby with a black robe.