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Joe Wilson says “Fire Rove”

by Pamela Leavey

Joe Wilson spoke at the National Press Club today and called on Bush to fire Karl Rove. Wilson “said Bush’s closest political advisor should pay for his alleged role in the drama which saw the identity of his wife, CIA spy Valerie Plame, leaked to the media.”

I believe that as Americans we should all be appalled by this sort of behavior from the senior reaches of this administration,” said Wilson during an appearance at Washington’s National Press Club.

“I don’t believe that Mr Rove should be permitted to resign. I believe this is a firing offense,” he said.

“To be so cavalier in the handling in the secrets of this great nation really is an abuse of the public trust.”

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, said Rove needs to step down.

10 Responses to “Joe Wilson says “Fire Rove””

  1. I caught some of Joe Wilson’s Press Club appearance. He’s so well spoken. He calmly laid out his story from the beginning. Listening to him, I gained a bit more insight into this entire mess. He also was on Wolf Blitzer tonight and I was so glad he called Wolf Blitzer out big time. Wolf kept obsessing over whether it was a good idea for them to take the picture for the Vanity Fair article. I guess some GOP attack dog had been saying the picture did more damage than the actual leak of her name. Of course this is hogwash. First of all, US enemies who would in some way benefit from knowing her identity, all they needed was Novak’s article. That did the trick. Secondly, the VF picture keeps her features well covered. She looks almost like any other blonde, really. Third, if Blitzer was so concerned about her photo being blasted everywhere why has he shown close-up photos of her on his show continously for the past several months? It’s not like we need them for the story to be told. And finally what he heck does that have to do with her name being leaked in the first place? It should never have been leaked. To gloss over this like it’s nothing is a slap in the face to CIA agents, period.

    Anyway, Wilson also pointed out that the VF photo was his way of trying to handle the situation with a sense of humor. Which is perfectly normal. He told Wolf it’s interesting he keeps harping on the VF photo but when he interviewed Dick Cheney he pretty much threw him a bunch of softball questions about the matter and his involvement. Of course Blitz couldn’t say anything back because he knew it was true.

    Continue to give’em hell Joe!

  2. I just saw Wilson, too. Sounds like a great guy. He wasn’t tying to promote himself or he politics, but he cared deeply about TRUTH and said, at the end, that he was mad at Republican senators and congressmen NOT for what they were saying about him, but for the 17,000 Americans killed or wounded in “a war that was sold to us on false pretenses.” Great man and public servant.

    I also liked his response when asked “should bush be impeached?” He said he felt we ALL were responsible for the war. We didn’t question enough, etc. Said even he supported the IWR based on the evidence because he believed bush needed it to be able to go to the UN. (wish every person who whines about Kerry’s IWR vote would have heard Wilson) So Wilson said we had ALL failed our servicemen.

  3. Oh yeah, also saw a little of Dean on Tweety’s show tonite. I’m sorry, I like Howard well enough but he’s not the great on-air spokesperson he’s touted to be by his followers. I’ve never been wowed by his interviews. Anyway, when he was on Tweety’s show he was asked about abortion and he refused to call the Dem position as pro-choice. He defined the Dem position as “we don’t believe the government should be involved in personal decisions.” That’s a great explanation for the rationale of the Dem pro-choice position, but it’s a horrible name or title for it. I’m not sure if this is new Dem strategy or Dean just testing the waters as a lone gun issue spinmeister, but I thought it fell flat. What it did was give Tweety an opportunity to once again say “I don’t have clarity on your party’s stances.” I think it’s a mistake for the DNC and/or Howard to take this position. The phrase “pro-choice” hasn’t been misconstrued as Dean stated, but the word pro-abortion surely has. If folks would frame the argument as prochoice and not the inaccurate pro-abortion, it’d go a long way in helping us to better communicate the Dem stance on this issue. So I hope this was a Howard thing and NOT a DNC thing.

  4. Hi Native!

  5. Hi florida dem! I agree with your post on Dean/pro-choice. (I can’t stand to watch Tweety anymore… makes me sick.)

  6. Wilson’s always impressed me. I think Nightline had a short bit on Friday night that included a spot with him. He was asked how Valerie reacted when she first saw Novak’s article.
    Wilson indicated she was shocked for a few minutes, that she realised at once her job was compromised, Then she pulled herself together and started making a list of the things she needed to do to safeguard her contacts and work.

    For the intelligence communities sake, I wish we could get an indictment on the leak.

  7. Florida Dem

    The last thing we needed when we just had Alito nominated to the bench was HD vascilating on CHOICE.

  8. Ginny

    Vanity Fair had a good interview with him a while back. I like him a lot. Thoughtful, well spoken, amazingly calm considering.

  9. Yes and according to Bush 41. Wilson is a true American hero and a national treasure.

    Every time the GOP and MSM parrots trash Wilson, it should be repeated what Bush 41 said about Wilson after he was left in charge as acting ambassador to Iraq just before Iraq invaded Kuwait. Wilson stood up to Saddam while protecting Americans and others who came to the American embassy to seek protection.

    After Saddam said something to the effect that anyone harboring foreigners would be killed, Wilson showed up at a press conference wearing a rope noose around his neck as a tie and said something like, okay here you go I’ll make it easier for you.

    Grandstanding a bit yeah but I’d like to see any of the Bush chicken-hawks having the balls to pull that kind of stuff, while in Iraq, against a homicidal maniac like their old buddy Saddam. They’d have been peeing their pants and handing Americans over to their good buddy…

  10. Dave from P

    He is hero! I’d like to think a couple of them wet themselves when he first spoke up!