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Candidates, New Media and Supporting the Blogsphere

So if they understand the importance of the Blogsphere and The Social Networking Sphere why aren’t they supporting, in return, the very medium that gives them, essentially, a free unlimited forum?

Edwards: Rural America and Economic Fairness

“We should have a national capital fund
to make money — capital — available to new businesses that will operate
and start in smaller towns and smaller communities. Right now all the
capital stays in big cities. We’ve got to get it out into the rural

Kerry Staffer Called to Serve in Iraq

In just a short couple of weeks, John Kerry and his staff will “bid farewell to Setti Warren, the deputy director of his Massachusetts office.” Warren is headed to Iraq, is “leaving to spend the next year in Iraq as a Navy intelligence officer.” Peter Gelzinis reports in the Boston Herald and catches perfectly the […]

Democratic Candidates Out Raise Republicans Again

Democratic presidential candidates have out raised the Republican candidates yet again, and strategists in both parties contend that the Democrats are “more energized this year as they battle to reclaim the White House after nearly eight years of Republican rule.” The imbalance is not lost on the candidates themselves. Mr. Giuliani said over the weekend […]