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Clark’s Endorsement and a Personal Reflection

While I understand his choice, and agree she is qualified, it was still a shock to see him so firmly remove himself from contention. Why such a shock when he had done nothing to prepare an organization for the race?

Sad News from Donnie

Dem Daily Readers: I have sad news from Donnie — His mother passed away earlier this morning. I just got off the phone with him and he’s doing okay considering. As many of you here know Donnie’s mother had been in the hospital for sometime and not getting better. It’s hard to lose a parent… […]

Breaking News: Wes Clark Endorses Hillary

Hillary Clinton was endorsed this morning by Wesley Clark. The news of the endorsement was first announced on a blogger conference call, although AP News seems to have on board for the call which was to be the first public announcement of the endorsement. In a statement on Clark’s website, WesPac, and the Blog at […]

The Other Housing Crisis: Affordable Rentals

I’ve been wondering when the other shoe would drop with the housing crisis and the media would get around to writing about the other housing crisis: Affordable Rentals. As the caption on the graphic below says, the “Shortage of affordable rentals in cities dwarfs issue of rising foreclosures.” Ask anyone who lives in a large […]