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From The Hill: Kerry’s Take on Petraeus’ Testimony

From The Hill… A brief interview with John Kerry on his take on Petraeus’ testimony:

The 6th Anniversary of 9-11

Around the country and the world today, people commemorated the 6th anniversay of 9/11. Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, who is running “on his 9/11 performance” took some time out spend part of the day “with a high-profile pundit who’s repeatedly bashed the 9/11 widows, calling them “self-obsessed” and accusing them of “enjoying their husband’s […]

A 9/11 Anniversary Video…’We Need To Get One Helluva Lot Smarter…’

We Need To Get One Helluva Lot Smarter…

Kerry Questions Relationship between Anbar Awakening & National Reconciliation (VIDEO)

Spencer Ackerman on TPMmuckraker noted that during the today’s Foreign Relations Committee Hearing, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) “asked how the turn of Anbar Sunnis against al-Qaeda relates to national reconciliation — what Amb. Crocker and President Bush have endlessly called “bottom-up” reconciliation. Of course, there aren’t any Shiites in Anbar, so how does that reconciliation […]

John Kerry’s Opening Statement at Petraeus-Crocker Hearing

It’s day two of the Petraeus follies on Capitol Hill. General Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this morning to once again discuss the “progress report on the war in Iraq and explain a new military plan to withdraw the 30,000 reinforcements sent there earlier this year to […]

Romney Camp Tied to Anti-Fred Website

Hollywood Fred got slammed on the internet by Romney insider who was a former Bush insider: A top adviser to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney appears to be behind the launch of a new Web site attacking GOP presidential rival Fred D. Thompson during his first week on the trail. The site, PhoneyFred.org, painted an […]