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Former Bush Loyalist Advises It’s Time to Listen to the “Wisdom of Crowds”

Remember a few months ago when Matthew Dowd came out and said, Kerry was right on Iraq? Well, he’s stepping out a little more now, just before the release of the Iraq progress report aka the Petraeus propaganda report. Dowd writes on the HuffPo that as “the Beltway ramps up the debate, I believe it […]

Put A Little Sugar On It and Then Spin, Spin, Spin

The American public has heard enough spin from BushCo to last a lifetime, but regardless the spin continues, as General Petraeus prepares deliver the Iraq progress report to Congress this week. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll reveals: More than half of Americans think the Petraeus report will try to sugar-coat the real situation there, […]

On ‘This Week’ Kerry Slaps McCain on Iraq (UPDATED: Video & Transcript)

As Republicans and Democrats took to the Sunday talk shows today, and Democratic leaders stepped up their criticism of the Petraeus Report, Senators John Kerry and John McCain Senator were on ABC’s ‘This Week’ today facing off over the Iraq War. Kerry, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told George Stephanopoulous that “military […]

Speaking of Endorsements…

Oprah is pulling out all the stops with her endorsement of Barack Obama. On Saturday she hosted a big money fundraising event for Obama on her 42-acre Montecito, CA estate. Helicopters carrying camera crews buzzed overhead, and tinted glass covered the windows of almost every vehicle entering as Oprah Winfrey welcomed 1,500 guests Saturday evening […]

Who Will Gore Endorse?

Chris Cillizza And Shailagh Murray weigh the possibilities of who Al Gore will endorse in the ’08 primaries. Some of the candidates began courting Al Gore many months ago… Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) and Gore huddled in Nashville in December, and Gore has also met with former senator John Edwards (N.C.). Gore and Sen. Christopher […]

’08 Watch: Dem Candidates On Iraq

The pre-Petraeus report spin continues and some of the Democratic candidates for president are jockeying to get their positions on Iraq in the forefront… Bill Richardson made a case for “Why We Should Exit Iraq Now” in an OP/Ed in the Washington Post. Richardson claims in the lead paragraph of his OP/ED that “Hillary Clinton, […]

Reid Delivers Democratic Radio Address

In his weekly radio address on Saturday, Bush touted his surprise trip to Iraq on Labor Day, where “he met with Iraqi leaders and local sheiks who have joined U.S.-led coalition forces in fighting al Qaeda.” “Together we have driven al Qaeda out of strongholds in Anbar,” Bush said. “The level of violence is down. […]