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Richardson Makes No Apologies

Bill Richardson perhaps didn’t need to apologize for his “joke” the other day in Iowa about the primaries and God, but it certainly struck more than a few liberal bloggers as just a little odd. The fact that some prominent liberal bloggers wrote about Richardson’s comments in a not so flattering manner has apparently raised […]

Kerry: The Escalation Didn’t Work

John Kerry posted on DKos and the HuffPo today about Bush’s Iraq Escalation. The bottomline… It Didn’t Work. Here’s a few quips from Kerry’s post: The escalation failed to do the one and only thing it was supposed to do. The entire Iraq policy of George W. Bush has failed since the fall of Saddam […]

More Madness from Larry Craig

This whole Larry Craig scandal gets deeper by the moment. Today, Craig’s lawyers moved to block the Senate Ethics Committee complaint against Craig. Craigs’ lawyers “delivered a letter to the Senate ethics committee today asking the committee to reject a complaint relating to his guilty plea in an airport sex sting operation.” The move opens […]

Bush’s Latest Iraq Photo Op

An editorial in the N.Y. Times nails Bush on his latest photo op in Iraq on Labor Day. “Despite all Mr. Bush’s cheerleading,” the new report by the GAO’s “nonpartisan Congressional investigators tells a much grimmer and closer to reality tale, concluding that the Iraqi government has failed to meet 11 of 18 military and […]

Late Night Music: Springsteen’s Radio Nowhere

Early on Tuesday, Amazon had the exclusive video of Bruce Springsteen’s first single, “Radio Nowhere” off his upcoming release “Magic.” The video has already YouTube and I have to say, this fan of The Boss is blown away… Radio Nowhere by Bruce Springsteen

Olbermann: Bush Just Playing With Us

Keith Olbermann said on his show tonight that Bush is “just playing us with ‘troop withdrawal’” and his “‘Revelation’ contradicts every other rationale offered in the last 500 days.” Olbermann ended his “Special Comment” saying, “This country cannot run the risk of what you can still do to this country in the next 500 days.” […]