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To Resign or Not To Resign…

Evidently Larry Craig is pondering whether or not he should go quietly into the the good night… Now, just days after announcing that he would resign on September 30, he has flip-flopped, stretching his statement out to imply a rather “wide stance” on his own resignation. The latest begs to ask the question… To Resign […]

John Kerry’s Opening Statement on GAO Iraq Benchmarks Report Hearing

As I reported here earlier today, John Kerry chaired a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing this afternoon on the final GAO Iraq report on benchmarks. The N.Y. Times reports today that the final GAO report on Iraq banchmarks finds progress is lacking in Iraq: As Democrats in Congress opened a marathon series of hearings on […]

What Was Richardson Thinking?

On Monday, Bill Richardson told a crowd in Iowa that it’s “God’s will is for Iowa to have the first-in-the-nation caucus.” “Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord should be the first caucus and primary,” Richardson, New Mexico’s governor said at the Northwest Iowa Labor Council Picnic. “And I […]

Q: “Is Your Number Zero?” ( A Moving Video)

There is no excuse for an American without quality health care. <>

John Kerry to Hold Hearing Today on Final GAO Iraq Report on Benchmarks

Politico reports today that as Congress returns, “the main arena in the domestic battle over the Iraq war will switch from living rooms to hearing rooms.” Democrats hoping to impose a change of course on the administration will have an early public relations advantage this week. Hearings Tuesday and Wednesday will highlight a General Accounting […]