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When The Saints Come Marching In

One more for the Katrina anniversary:

A Katrina Reflection

The New Orleans Times-Picayune has an Editorial today aimed at Bush. The Times-Picayune says: Treat us fairly, Mr. President… Nobody wants to have to compete for disaster relief. But that is what Louisianians have had to do in the two years since Hurricane Katrina struck. Despite massive destruction caused by the failure of the federal […]

Anger and Sadness Mark Katrina Anniversary

Today marks the two year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And sadly the question begs to be answered, why have “those dependent on government assistance to rebuild their lives,” been overlooked and met with delays. While middle- and upper-class neighborhoods have rebuilt using private insurance and contacts, residents of low-income areas such as the Lower 9th […]

Bush Bangs The Iran War Drum Loudly

Just when you thought we had had enough lies and terrifying predictions of the terror in the world from BushCo, think again… The Iran drum is beating loudly… In a speech to the American Legion veterans group on Tuesday, Bush demanded “that Iran end any support for extremists in Iraq “at once” and raised the […]