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Warner Calls for Pullouts By Winter

Republican Senator John Warner, called on Bush on Thursday to begin drawing down U.S. troops from Iraq in time for Christmas. My first reaction to Warner’s call to start withdrawing the troops by Christmas, was John Kerry’s similar call about a year ago. My how things have changed… Warner’s declaration — after the Virginia senator’s […]

’08 Watch: John Edwards’ “End the Game” Speech

John Edwards delivered a speech in Hanover, NH on Thursday that has garnered a lot of attention. Perhaps not all of it was the attention he had hoped for, but hey… that’s politics. One moment Edwards was invoking Bobby Kennedy, quoting: “If we fail to dare, if we do not try, the next generation will […]

’08 Watch: Clinton vs. The GOP Nominee

First, I want to say I’ve been writing a lot about Hillary Clinton of late because as a woman, I’m fascinated by the strength her campaign is showing. Say what you will about her, if she’s not the candidate of your choice, she’s steam rolling in my opinion and it’s a little hard to ignore. […]