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Environmental Watch: Wants to Give Break to Strip Miners, Kerry Says It’s Bad Policy

The Bush administration wants to give a break to strip miners and “quit requiring coal operators to prove that their surface mining will not damage streams, fish and wildlife.” Under proposed new regulations that it will put out Friday for public comment, strip mine operators would have to show only that they intend “to prevent, […]

NIE Cites Grave Concerns on Iraq’s Government – Kerry Says NIE Shows Escalation Isn’t Working

The N.Y. Times reports today that the latest NIE shows, “the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki will become “more precarious” over the next six months to a year, and while its security forces have improved they are not strong enough to operate without outside help.” “The report says that there’s been little […]

Clinton Maintains Expanded Lead, Rove’s Theory is Flawed

I posted below about the latest Rasmussen Reports poll showing Romney having more core opposition than Hillary Clinton. The latest poll from Gallup was also released on Thursday and that finds “Hillary Clinton’s strengthened frontrunner status in the Democratic field for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination holding firm, following an early August survey in which […]

Romney Has More Core Opposition Than Clinton

The latest Rasmussen Report shows that Mitt Romney has more core opposition than Hillary Clinton. It’s not more than a point spread but Rasmussen also notes that Clinton’s opposition “is a bit smaller than it was earlier in the year (see last month’s report).” Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has finally surpassed New York Senator […]